Are Kim Zolciak and Kroy Biermann the Messiest Real Housewives Couple?

Kroy Biermann, Kim Zolciak
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Who thought falling in love with a man’s tush could lead to such a bad fallout? Not Kim Zolciak, that is for sure. The mother of six used to be kept by a much older man, and she forged her love of everything designer labels from that moment. The former nurse was a real Real Housewives star who didn’t mind showing off her selfish traits as she held on tightly to her wig. However, she and Kroy Biermann were never going to be a match made in heaven. 

The Writing Was Always on the Wall

Kim Zolciak, Kroy Biermann
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The odds are good that Kim saw her next meal ticket in Kroy, who was an NFL star at the time. Real Housewives of Atlanta fans will recall that the couple met while participating in the Dancing Stars of Atlanta charity event in May 2010, with Kim eyeing up Kroy’s backside. After watching the tight-end glide along the floor, Kim made her move, telling the Atlanta Falcons player, “Can I just be honest with you? I’ve never in my life seen an ass like that. Can I just see it? Will you turn around?” With Kroy quickly obliging, the two were off to a quick start as they exchanged numbers. 

Looking back at the interaction, it is hard not to see the writing on the walls. Kroy was fit, young, and rich. It made sense that Kim would have wanted to attach herself to the athlete.

Don’t Be Tardy Era

Kroy Biermann Kim Zolciak
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The couple’s Don’t Be Tardy show really showcased the fine cracks within their relationship. It started with the wedding episode that showcased how much Kim and Kroy’s parents opposed their children marrying one another. Kim’s mom almost ruined the wedding and was kicked out. During the series, fans also learned that Kroy, who was once close to his family, stopped talking to them. This revelation was a big red flag, with fans knowing Kroy would regret that decision one day. 

Kroy was all about adventure and liked the outdoors and camping. On the other hand, Kim loved her wine and posh activities—the two were polar opposites that only seemed to have sex in common. While their banter was often cute, the two love birds were in for a messy ride

Their Kids All Have K Names

Kim Zolciak
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God, I know this is petty, but for me, it is totally cringe when parents keep naming their children with the same letter of the alphabet. This move already screamed to me that Kim and Kroy were messy and not exactly creative. 

The First One Is the Deepest

Kim Zolciak/Instagram

Before their most recent divorce, Kroy tried ending it with the wig enthusiast in 2018. In an old Instagram post, Kim revealed a fun fact about her husband, noting, “Yes please! For the love of God! ??? Wet n Wild Wednesday! @kroybiermann ?? Fun Fact: Today 8 years ago Kroy TRIED to break up with me ? that lasted only 24hrs ? grateful for you baby! My ride or die, my rock, my heart, the best daddy ever and you are the hottest man I ever did see ?” 

The uncomfortable shoutout could have been seen as passive-aggressive, but most laughed off the information at the time. However, it seems like the second time will be a charm as Kroy continues to move forward with the separation after 12 years of marriage. 

The Final Reckoning

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2023 has been an extremely messy year for the couple as news broke that Kroy had filed for divorce again. What followed was a lot of low blows, social media blasts, and nasty headlines. The couple took it upon themselves to shade one another on social media, with Kroy sharing a cartoon of a blonde woman winking in front of a camera. Kroy commented, “Don’t be so obvious,” with many feeling like this was a response to Kim’s previous video of her singing. 

Kim has asked the court to have Kroy tested for drugs and claimed he smoke marijuana around their children. Kroy shot back, requesting that his wife undergo a psychological evaluation. He also accused her of having a gambling addiction.

Things have gotten downright petty with Kim dropping her surname and Kroy claiming the Bravo star ignored the children for ratings. The two are shady, messy, and clearly feel unsafe around one another, which has never been an excellent tonic for love.