Signs That Tom Schwartz Still Wants Katie Maloney Back, and Why He Should Let That Dream Die

Katie Maloney Tom Schwartz Vanderpump Rules
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After 12 years together and only five years of marriage, Katie Maloney decided to call it quits on her union with Vanderpump Rules star Tom Schwartz. The Something About Her co-owner made the first move to get the ball rolling, with fans assuming she had grown tired of the beta boy who often threw tequila and assumptions back in her face.

Since the announcement in March 2022, the duo have tried to dupe fans into thinking they are being model divorcées. Katie seems to be taking her new single life in stride, but Tom is down low, losing it as he enters his Ken era. In some ways, it seems like Schwartz still wants Katie back, but it’s best he give up that hope.

Tom Still Likes Katie’s Social Media Posts

Katie Maloney/Instagram

Nothing screams desperation more than a man still pining for a lost love. Even though Katie seems to be thriving, Tom has been lagging behind in the moving-on department, possibly spending multiple late nights following his ex-wife on social media. Recently, fans thought Schwartzy might be crying over Katie’s vampire-themed post. With fans angrily commenting, “STAY AWAY FROM HER” and “GET A JOB,” it is starting to feel like keeping tabs on Katie is Tom’s new profession. 

Tom hasn’t liked many of Katie’s posts, so it feels odd that he would start to reach out now. Whether Tom is making moves for himself or just playing into his role in the public eye, his motives seem sketchy.

Like a fungus, it could be that Tom is trying to play the long con. Slowly moving in under the toenail (Katie’s subconscious), showing discolor, then BAM! A full-blown infection. But fans believe Katie is more intelligent than to let Tom worm his way back into her heart. 

Tom Tried To Be the Martyr

Tom Schwartz and Katie Flood got close on Winter House Season 3
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Tom once left Vanderpump Rules fans gobsmacked as he revealed he would happily get back together with Katie for the “good of the group.” Firstly, wow, the arrogance of this dude. Secondly, Katie dumped you, darling—the choice is no longer yours.

Tom seems to be displaying the classic signs of ‘you don’t know what you got till it’s gone’ syndrome. Viewers joked via Reddit that “men will ruin your whole life and then come back to like a picture.” Ain’t that the truth? 

Tom Changes His Look

Tom Schwartz/Instagram

Nothing screams “I am not doing well with a breakup” more than changing your hair. While many women change up their style after a severe heartbreak, Tom went the extra mile and over-peroxided his hair into what we call a trashy version of Ken that even Barbie would get the ick from. The debut of the blonde hue left the Vanderpump Rules star almost unrecognizable and felt very much like a screech for attention.

Tom could be turning toward his old middle school emo days, as he has also started to wear all black—possibly to show he is still in mourning over Katie. The dramatics of it all seems a bit much, as next thing you know, Tom will be sporting dark eyeliner and a grunge look, but we doubt he will smell like teen spirit. 

Tom Made A Mistake

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It is probably right about now that Tom is realizing he may have made a huge mistake in letting Katie go. Katie was extremely patient with Tom for many years as he tried to shed his Peter Pan costume and often failed to support her. Amidst all the drama, Katie seemed to really love Tom, but it was hard to tell if the Schwartz & Sandy’s co-owner even liked his wife. It seems like Schwartz still wants Katie back, but if he really is holding on to any hope of a reconciliation, Tom needs to let the dream die.

Even though our parents told us we could achieve anything in life, Tom will not be able to regain Katie’s trust or love. Tom was anything but a loving husband, as he even admitted he strayed a few times. Tom sealed his own fate when he hooked up with Rachel Leviss and really only has himself to blame.

The best Tom can hope for is a friendship, but in all reality, he should embrace the finality of his time with Katie and move on.