How Come The Women Of Bravo Are Crucified When The Men Aren’t?

Lindsay Hubbard, Carl Radke, Summer House
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In a world full of misogyny, it’s a bit disheartening to watch one of your favorite networks favor its male cast members again and again. This isn’t the He-Man Woman-Haters Club like in the Little Rascals, but you’d be shortsighted to think that Bravo isn’t painting most of their female personalities in a particular light.

In a time of MeToo, equal rights, and modern feminism, we’re well past bra burning (even though they feel like a walking boob jail.) Yet, some of our favorite shows are still sending out the wrong message about a woman who has opinions. 

We’re Bored of the Patriarchy


Bravo hasn’t reinvented the wheel when producing moments that have created angst amongst multiple cast members. With the fans and network using terms like “Crazy Kristen” or “Boring Teddi,” it is easy to see why the women of Bravo often get the short end of the stick. Terms like “calculating” and “angry” are often reserved for the Lindsay Hubbard, Rachel Leviss, or Kristen Doutes of each show. 

On the other hand, the men of Bravo do not receive negative labels as much. For years, Kyle Cooke was filmed drinking excessively and acting, throwing items within the home and telling the women of the house to shut up. However, there is no “Tequila Katie” nickname for him. Tom Schwartz of Vanderpump Rules threw actual drinks at Katie Maloney‘s face, yet she somehow became the villain. It just doesn’t add up. As a female viewer, it feels that Bravo is being super misogynistic. 

Bravo Women Are Speaking Out About the Boys Club


The men of Bravo (James Kennedy, Jax Taylor, Tom Sandoval, Carl Radke, and Kyle, just to name a few) get away with murder. No matter their indiscretion, including James body shaming, Carl admitting to intense drug use, or Tom changing the narrative and gaslighting, they are always welcomed back with open arms. On the other hand, viewers and the network are happy to snark about the women for literal years for things like demanding a sandwich be made for them. 

Stassi Schroder has spoken about how she believes producers have a history of favoring and covering for male cast members. The former Vanderpump Rules star even noted that the favoritism has come at the expense of the women. While speaking out on her podcast, Straight Up With Stassi, the mother of two called the practice “so dark.” She noted, “That happened all the time on VPR when I was there,” referencing a cut scene. Stassi also shared, “Production has covered for the dudes, and we have just had to heal ourselves.” 

Bravo Men Aren’t the Best of the Bunch


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As Scandoval and ScandaCarl issues have been revealed, viewers are starting to think that many Bravo leading men are trashy. The Toms, James, Carl, and Kyles of the group cheat repeatedly and somehow bounce right back next season with no repercussions from fans or the networks. It’s often as if nothing has happened. Why, as a society, are we so willing to embrace the losers of the network and label the strong, independent woman as crazy? The concept is wild when you think about it. 

Katie is an excellent example of this argument. Between her Vanderpump Rules stars, she is the only one who has never cheated. Yet somehow, she became the scapegoat, and Tom was the hero. The co-owner of TomTom called his former wife names like “stupid” and “bit*h” and even dosed her in tequila. But again, it was Katie who was marketed as “bit*hy.” 

It is hard to blame Bravo altogether, as viewers also play a big part. Many shows that used to be wildly entertaining now feel darker and more staged. Recent scandals prove that the network will throw almost anyone under the bus in order to obtain higher ratings.

As a network primarily attracting female viewers, Bravo may want to reconsider how they portray the women in their shows.