Why Jennifer Aydin Body-Shaming a Fan At BravoCon Was So Out Of Line

Jennifer aydin
(Photo by Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images)

Jennifer Aydin is an acquired taste, with most Real Housewives of New Jersey fans feeling as if her only redeeming quality is her husband, Bill Aydin. The Paramus native joined the Garden State franchise back in Season 9 and quickly became a vital ally with Teresa Giudice. At first, Jen seemed brash and almost could have been considered a breath of fresh air. But quickly, the wind shifted, and the mood soured as Jen slowly morphed into a bully. 

As the seasons have worn on, Jen has lost fans’ love, with BravoCon 2023 doing her no favors. The fact is no one, not even a disrespectful, unstyled fan, deserves that kind of energy and body shaming, especially with the sort of world we are living in. Let’s be honest—what would Jen actually look like if she didn’t have her husband or the money she has? Fans were hoping Jen would be humbled, but instead, she feels more emboldened. 

People Who Live in Glass Houses Shouldn’t Throw Stones

Jennifer Aydin/Instagram

Thank God that Jennifer’s McMansion isn’t made of glass because there would be A LOT of cracks showing. During BravoCon 2023, Jen crossed a major line when a fan asked a question she wasn’t too thrilled with. The fan asked, “Do you think you could crawl any further up Teresa Giudice’s ass?” The Bravo star clapped back. She snapped that the fan who was wearing a baseball cap and oversized sweatshirt, saying they knew nothing of friendship, and calling them “big boy.”

As viewers have seen on the Real Housewives of New Jersey, Jennifer is not known to be kind. She has happily attacked multiple cast members. Most recently, she and Danielle Cabral were put on pause for their battle. No one seems able to put Jen in her place, and she is currently running wild, very much proven by her cruel statement to a fan who I can guarantee didn’t pay to be verbally abused. 

Body Shaming Is Not Okay


Rightfully so, RHONJ viewers are pissed about Jennifer Aydin body-shaming anyone, let alone a paying customer. A five-year-old knows that body shaming is terrible, so to treat a fan so grossly, especially when she would be nothing without the fans, is insane. Frankly, Jen needs some self-control, which we all know she doesn’t have. 

The whole interaction was a total bummer, especially after Jen had been seen having heartfelt conversations with her older daughter after she had been bullied. How will Jen’s off-the-cuff reaction teach her daughter that she is a safe space when she encounters those middle school bullies? 

The first thing Jennifer does when feeling challenged by someone is calling attention to their weight to shame them. It is really just bad behavior, especially when her own child has been a target. Jen made it very clear to the fans that actions have consequences. However, fans were not expecting her to double down and call the fan a “waddling whale.” The negativity didn’t sit right with many followers who feel Jen would be nowhere without the fans she is mocking.

Jen Has Changed Her Look

Jennifer Aydin/Instagram

The humor isn’t lost on me that Jennifer has drastically changed her image since first marrying her plastic surgeon husband. Since first appearing on RHONJ, Jen has admitted to having a nose job, chin implant, tummy tuck, breast reduction, breast lift, and liposuction. Not to mention Botox and fillers. So the fact that she felt it was okay to talk about another’s appearance when she has changed hers so drastically seems very hypocritical

I get Jen’s frustration. I am no Bravo celeb, but if another fellow human approached me with the same bad attitude, I wouldn’t exactly be sweet with my response. However, there is a difference between a fresh answer and automatically turning to body shaming. Jen’s response was not okay. Even though the fan was obnoxious, she should have known better. As a result, Jen most likely was given tips by PR on how to handle sh*tty fans.