Why Real Housewives Fans Can’t Stand Jennifer Aydin

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With a new season of the Real Housewives of New Jersey soon upon us, fans are remembering just how much Jennifer Aydin annoys the ever-loving sh*t of them—including this writer. Personally, I never felt like Jen was a good match for RHONJ. However, Teresa Giudice needed an ally, and Jennifer was more than happy to play the part. I hate to say it, but Jen is basically Tre when she was first on the show—big mansions, ostentatious lifestyle. Also, Jen, just like Tre, believes in a traditional family where her husband rules the roost while she spends the money. But there are many other reasons why fans don’t like Jennifer Aydin on RHONJ,

Jen Is a Mean Girl


Jen has often preached about bullying, as fans have watched her older daughter deal with unfriendly girls at her middle school. However, the mother of five is usually at the center of many arguments. While it is okay to disagree, Jen often hits way below the belt. During her earlier seasons, Jen’s incessant financial jabs at Jackie Goldschneider were offensive. 

And everyone knows there are three things you just don’t discuss at the dinner table: politics, religion, and money. During the Hamptons trip in 2020, Jen accused Jackie of being “cheap” because she served pizza at her kid’s birthday. It was clear that Jen (who is new money) wasn’t thrilled with how Jackie (old money) perceived her wealth, so she lashed out. 

Jennifer Doesnt Have Redeeming Qualities

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Jennifer is a perfect example of not being able to buy class. According to many fans, she is insufferable. Some have even started a petition to have her removed from the Bravo show. To many, Jennifer is an embarrassment to RHONJ, with the theory often being proven by her husband’s mortified facial expressions.

The Paramus native comes across as the epitome of a high school teen who wasn’t popular but has somehow found herself mixed up with the queen bee and now doesn’t want to lose her position in the hierarchy. 

Jennifer Comes Across as Aggressive

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I’m shocked I even have to write this, but a wife and mother who is in high standing within her Bergen County community shouldn’t be finding herself in physical altercations—end of discussion. There is no need for violence when the Garden State women are capable of entertaining yelling matches. Jen has been involved in multiple altercations since joining the franchise, with fans feeling like she might be the problem.

 At BravoCon 2022, she found herself fighting with Melissa Gorga and Joe Gorga. At the time, Melissa took to her podcast, On Display, to explain what happened, blasting Jen as “trashy,” saying, “Everybody truly wants to see the family mend, except for Jennifer. And that’s hard for us to get past.” Melissa explained the moment that led up to Jennifer drenching both of them in her drink explaining, “Joe said, ‘I don’t even know how this dirty bit*h is even on the show.'” 

Jennifer has also been physical with Melissa. Real Housewives of New Jersey fans will recall that during the same Hamptons trip in 2020, Jennifer threw utensils at Melissa after she felt the mother of three had insulted her spending traits, causing the Envy owner to jump out of her seat. Jennifer is a hothead who rarely tries to talk things out, always reaching for a weapon of choice instead. 

Most recently, Jen was suspended from filming after reportedly pushing Danielle Cabral. The Staten Island native then threw her plastic up at Jen. The fight was said to be so surprising that Bravo is now thinking of splitting the women into two groups. 

Jennifer’s Life Isn’t Perfect

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Almost every fan had high hopes for Jen, but they were quickly dashed once it became obvious she would live up Tre’s butt. Jen’s constant bragging is annoying AF, and there is nothing to like about the housewife.

It seems at times that even Bill Aydin doesn’t like being around her. Jennifer’s constant antics enforce the theory that she is unhappy. In this case, misery does not love company, as fans are over Jen, almost feeling sorry for her.