Real Housewives Who Are Team Teresa Giudice

Teresa Giudice Real Housewives of New Jersey RHONJ
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It is safe to say that Bravo nation is more than ready to see Teresa Giudice back on the Real Housewives of New Jersey. The mother of four has brought the fire to the Garden State since Season 1, and with no end in sight, she is currently the queen bee to topple.

It is hard to comprehend how middle-aged women can really be picking sides in a family feud, but here we all are acting like we are still in middle school. Teresa has done some downright screwy things to those around her, like calling Melissa Gorga a stripper, having a castmate’s hair pulled, and running a marathon around a country club in order to make a point. 

There is clearly no love lost between Teresa and her enemies. From early on, Teresa learned quickly that to succeed in the Real Housewives realm, she would need to form alliances to keep her title. However, along the way, she has probably made more enemies than friends, which is why it is so surprising that old foes are now sticking up for the Jerselicious villain. 

Jackie Goldschneider 

Margaret Josephs, Jackie Goldschneider
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In a surprising move, Jackie Goldschneider switched teams and is now aligning herself with Teresa. The two moms have never been close, and it all started when Teresa spread rumors about Evan Goldschneider cheating. The rumors were, of course, false, and the ex-con had no receipts for her tall tales. But a divide was clear. Jackie then made a comparison, which any viewer with an IQ higher than ten got, noting that saying, “Gia snorts coke in the bathroom at parties,” would have made Teresa upset. Sadly, the analogy went over Teresa’s head.

Now it seems Jackie has totally done a 180 amidst her fallout with Margaret Josephs. Honestly, it is like the Twilight Zone up in here—what is happening? Evidently, this whole argument is about Margaret questioning her friendship with Jackie after the author failed to give her a copy of The Weight of Beautiful. Since their nasty split, Jackie has been making more time for Teresa, with both showing up for one another at numerous events.

Jennifer Aydin

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From day 1, Jennifer Aydin has been on Team Teresa as if her life depended upon it. Often, Jennifer has been the mouthpiece for the actual plot organizer of the group, delivering mean messages to the other girls. Jennifer is loyal to a fault, and the two families have even vacationed together. The Paramus native has gone to battle for Teresa against the Gorgas and Margaret, all in the name of her leader. Honestly, it feels a bit like a cult. Does Teresa hand out Kool-Aid at her events?

Jen is a total kiss-ass who has hitched her wagon to the star of the show. However, Jen comes across as disingenuous, and most of her outbursts feel forced. But Teresa seems happy with her lap dog, since Jennifer still does as she is commanded. 

Dolores Catania


Dolores Catania has always been Team Teresa. For years, she has kept her excessive loyalty on the down low, but more and more RHONJ viewers have noticed that the muscle of New Jersey might be scared of her Paterson friend.

Dolores has a way of sticking up for her childhood friend without ruffling too many feathers, but it hasn’t gone unnoticed that she often goes to bat for Tre way more times than the mother of four has ever defended Dolores. The only time Dolores actively stood against Teresa was when she befriended Danielle Staub again. 

Dolores has always held out hope for the Gorgas and Giudices to make peace, but finally, after years of sitting on the fence, Dolores made it known that she felt the two families should part ways. Call it excuses or call it an explanation, but Dolores always found a way to make Teresa look less shitty. The new season of the Real Housewives of New Jersey has the women so divided that there are rumors Bravo may split them into two teams. Make of it what you will.