Jill Zarin
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EXCLUSIVE: Jill Zarin Hits Back at Andy Cohen: Wouldn’t ‘Use Bobby’s Funeral’ To Speak to Bethenny Frankel

Jill Zarin has something to say. After hearing Andy Cohen’s comments at BravoCon 2023 in Las Vegas, the Real Housewives of New York City OG wants to set the record straight.

Andy doubled down on his claims at BravoCon that Jill invited Bravo cameras to film at Bobby’s funeral. “The truth is, we were invited,” he said. “We have emails inviting us and yes, everyone knew we were there. We got a ‘thank you’ from Jill saying, ‘Wow, you paid such a great tribute to Bobby on the show, that meant so much.'”

However, as a fan shouted for the emails to be released, Andy replied that he had “moved on.” He instead took the opportunity to promote the rebooted RHONY. Now, Jill’s having her say.

Jill Zarin wants Andy Cohen’s receipts

Jill Zarin at BravoCon 2022
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“Please ask Andy for the signed filming releases of me and the people they did not blur out,” Jill said to Reality Tea. “My step children, friends Sarah and Amelia. As Jeff Lewis said, ‘They would never do it.'”

Jill may have been a little confused here, as Jeff was backing Andy’s claims. He said there was no way cameras would just show up and film at the funeral without release forms and permission. “That did not happen,” Jeff said at BravoCon, meaning that filming would never take place without the go ahead from Bobby’s family.

Still, Jill continued: “I have so many amazing projects in [the] works, I have to look forward. I know the truth and so do the 1,000 people at his funeral. I would never use Bobby’s funeral as a place to talk to Bethenny [Frankel] on camera. Never. Ever.”

Wouldn’t some undeniable receipts put this one to rest? Reality Tea reached out to Andy for comment, but unfortunately did not receive a response.

“Of course not,” Jill said. “They [the emails] don’t exist. An email inviting them to cover Bobby’s funeral was sent by someone close to me thinking it would be a nice tribute; the production company said no, then showed up and crashed the funeral sending Bethenny for what? A confrontation? If I saw Bravo cameras I would not have spoken to her … wrong place, wrong time. It’s six years and no release.”

Jill’s original accusations on Bethenny’s podcast

Jill and Bethenny reunited in a bombshell podcast episode that blew the minds of Bravo fans everywhere, and included some wild accusations. Jill claimed she didn’t know Bethenny was wearing a mic at Bobby’s funeral. “If I had known I was being filmed, I wouldn’t have looked like that,” Jill joked. Bethenny believed her, and blamed Bravo for having her attend.

“What you’re saying is I f*cking ambushed a funeral for reality television,” B fumed. “That’s disgusting … I don’t know if I would’ve gone to the funeral if we weren’t shooting,” she added.