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Rumor: Real Housewives of Atlanta Fans Suspect NeNe Leakes Comeback After Cutting Ties With Bethenny Frankel

Remain calm everyone. NeNe Leakes also needs to remain calm. The streets are talking, actually, the streets are yelling about a little something that occurred at BravoCon.

Usually what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, unless you’re Andy Cohen. During BravoCon this year, Andy was asked about the status of his relationship with NeNe. This comes after she self-immolated and sued Bravo, insulted Andy, and burned every bridge possible. That said, Andy gave the tiniest sliver of hope.

It’s no secret Real Housewives of Atlanta is in big trouble. Some ladies might be fired and … some might return from the grave. It’s also no secret NeNe is desperate for a job. Is this a recipe to save RHOA and give NeNe her comeback?

This is NOT a drill – or is it?

I know this is very exciting because these tiny instances could change the course of one of Bravo’s most beloved franchises. It could also be a whole lot of nothing because everything would have to line up at once and be perfect for it to happen.

Let’s review. While at BravoCon, Big Daddy was asked if there was any chance in hell he could reconcile with NeNe. A diplomatic Andy responded, “I’m a nostalgic guy. She and I came up together and there’s always room in my heart for, you know, everybody.”

Recently NeNe made headlines not because she had a job, but because she had joined Bethenny Frankel’s reality television reckoning. She appeared on Beth’s podcast and they both talked about how awful Bravo is and basically how it destroys lives, yada yada.

Bethenny who?

After Andy’s comment at BravoCon, suddenly all traces of Bethenny and the podcast have disappeared from NeNe’s social media. Because NeNe knows who will employ her and it won’t be Beth.

Additionally, Bravo is now following NeNe. That’s not to say Bravo wasn’t always following NeNe, but both of these things happening at once are throwing folks into an entire tizzy.

Andy was also asked if pigs might fly one day and return NeNe’s peach. He responded, “Who knows? I mean, she asked me a few years ago to keep her name out of my mouth, so I try to respect that.” Again, “who knows” is pretty ambivalent but it isn’t “definitely not” and one thing we need in this world right now is hope…

Here’s what else, there are also rumors Kim Zolciak might return to RHOA as well. Andy admitted in Vegas Bravo will be “taking a look at” Kim’s performance on The Surreal Life and see what’s up with her.

It is with every cell in my body I wish NeNe to be humble at this time. Perhaps contrite, and friendly to a fault. Are we about to witness a real Holiday Miracle? Sorry, Beth!