Crystal Kung Minkoff
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Crystal Kung Minkoff Responds To Claim She ‘Wasn’t That Nice’ at BravoCon

Crystal Kung Minkoff of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fame found herself caught in a vocal vortex at BravoCon 2023, leaving at least one fan feeling that their experience with Crystal was almost as ugly as those leather pants. This is particularly ironic since Crystal was at the forefront of the post-event trend of vaguely calling out which Bravolebs were less-than-friendly.

Southern Charm’s own Olivia Flowers shared soon after that she found Crystal to be rude, and it looks like some fans backed her up. Crystal caught wind, and decided to set the record straight. Here’s why she wasn’t as jovial as some would’ve liked.

Crystal: “I lost my voice” by the end of BravoCon

Crystal sets the record straight at the 7:04 mark

During the November 16 episode of On Display With Melissa Gorga, Crystal spilled the tea on a fan’s complaint about her allegedly frosty behavior at BravoCon. According to the aggrieved attendee, Crystal’s friendliness level barely surpassed that of a cardboard cutout. Crystal merely posed for a photo with them before moving on.

Crystal began, “I saw someone said like, ‘Oh, Crystal wasn’t that nice to me. She only smiled and took a picture. And didn’t engage with me.'”

She then elaborated on why she wasn’t very chatty – she had “lost [her] voice” from a weekend of constant chatter, and was trying to save some voice for her upcoming panel.

“I felt bad because I told people in the line, ‘Make sure when they walk up, let them know.’ Because all I do is talk. And I’m like, ‘Tell them I can’t talk.’ Because I was about to go on my panel. And then of course, I couldn’t even talk on my panel. But then you’re like you can’t explain to everybody, but you can really try your best to give as much as you can. So that’s the clarity of what happened.”

Melissa said she experienced a similar setback. “I had no voice by then either. And I did feel like they were going to take it as me being rude, right?”

In the Bravoverse, where every word and subtle interaction counts, leaving fans with nothing but a silent souvenir and a selfie to remember the experience just isn’t enough. A note for BravoCon 2024: get a sponsorship from Throat Coat tea!

You can hear Crystal’s voice as The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills continues Wednesdays at 8/7c on Bravo.