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Erika Jayne Apologizes From ‘The Bottom of Her Heart’ to Garcelle Beauvais’ Son Jax

Last season, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Erika Jayne behaved terribly towards a teenage boy. Garcelle Beauvais’ son, Jax, went to retrieve a bouquet of flowers at his mother’s birthday party.

He approached an inebriated Erika, who screamed at him. She yelled, “Get the f*ck out of here. Get the f*ck out of here before you get into trouble.” Garcelle immediately spoke to Erika about her behavior.

“Erika you hurt Jax’s feelings,” Garcelle stated. “Don’t talk to him like that.” Erika seemed shocked and confused. She called for Jax to come over, but he wisely refused.

Erika and Jax talk it out

Dorit Kemsley and Erika Jayne at BravoCon 2023 in Las Vegas
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Erika and Jax finally spoke during the most recent episode of the show. Their overdue talk occurred at Garcelle’s screening for her movie, Black Girl Missing.

Jax was the one to approach Erika. And he brought Crystal Kung Minkoff with him as backup. She was present when Erika was screaming at him. “I just wanted to come and let you know that everything is OK,” Jax said.

“Well, I apologize from the bottom of my heart. I was totally out of line,” Erika said. “I have said this to your mother and I’m really happy you get to hear it from me. So, please accept my apology.”

“Of course,” Jax replied. In her confessional, Erika complimented Jax. She said, “What a class act this young man is to walk up and say, ‘Hey, no hard feelings.’ Garcelle, you’ve done a beautiful job.”

Garcelle was pleased when Jax told her that he had addressed the situation with Erika. But she wished it had happened differently. Garcelle admitted in a confessional, “I wish Erika had been the one to approach Jax because she’s the adult.” And also because Erika was “the one in the wrong.”

Still, Garcelle was proud of the way that Jax dealt with the conversation. “But I’m glad Jax felt confident enough to go talk to her himself,” Garcelle said.

Garcelle has raised a thoughtful and polite young man. Kudos to her. And shame on Erika for cursing out a teenage boy.

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