Tamra Judge
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Tamra Judge Admits She’s ‘Really Shocked’ by Erika Jayne’s Behavior

Tamra Judge knows trouble when she sees it. The veteran Real Housewife has spent too many seasons on Real Housewives of Orange County stirring up her own trouble. But even Tamra can misJUDGE people.

One such person is the ever-prickly Erika Jayne of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fame. Aside from her husband’s alleged criminal activity, Erika is best known for being an ice queen. And Tamra of all people is expressing her surprise that Erika seems to be making quite the turnaround.

“A totally different side to Erika”

On a recent episode of Two T’s In a Pod, the podcast Tamra hosts with Teddi Mellencamp, Tamra sang Erika’s praises. She stated, “You know who I’m really shocked at? Is Erika. I feel like she’s really opening up. We’re seeing a totally different side to Erika this season.”

It’s true that Erika seems to be mellow and possibly even vulnerable for the first time on the show. Her PR team must have worked overtime to get there. Especially after her slip-up in a filmed therapy scene where she asked how to have empathy.

Erika is actually sweet

But Tamra seems to think that Erika is not really what she appears to be on camera. She continued, “I’ve only been around Erika, a couple of times, at events when we went to Vegas, to see her show and BravoCon. [She] has been nothing but so sweet to me, even way back to Andy [Cohen’s] baby shower, the first time I met her. So kind, so sweet.”

The Bravolebrity concluded, “I was a little afraid of her way back then because she’s always so quiet and mysterious. But she’s now no longer quiet or mysterious. She is laying it all out there for you guys to hear.”

It sounds like Tamra has fully bought into the idea of Erika’s attempted redemption season. The RHOBH star spent too long bemoaning her innocence while showing a major lack of sympathy for the victims of her husband’s alleged crimes.

Has she finally been shown the light when it comes to being a decent person? Or is this just a well-orchestrated attempt at getting into the good graces of the fans? Only time will tell.

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