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Tom Schwartz ‘Humbled’ by Thanksgiving Reunion Photo Backlash With Jax Taylor and Sandoval

Vanderpump Rules fans were shocked on Thanksgiving Day when Tom Schwartz, Jax Taylor, and Tom Sandoval posed together for a photo. Each member of the trio posted the picture to their socials where fans immediately dunked on the reality stars.

When Jax posted the screenshot to Twitter, declaring, “Got the band back together,” fans didn’t hold back in their responses. One reply told Jax, “Never have you been more the number 1 guy in any group.” Another user wrote, “This is pure trash. No Jason. Just no.”

Jax ought to know by now that association with Sandoval is an instant recipe for a poisoned reputation. No one has a better understanding of that concept than Schwartz, who, to this day, feels he was labeled as guilty by association with Sandoval. Perhaps Tom is now beginning to see the light.

Tom Schwartz’s DMs didn’t sugarcoat things

Schwartz posted the picture to his Instagram story where he proclaimed he, Jax, and Sandoval “Got the band back together,” at Schwartz & Sandy’s Lounge. However, not long after he posted the story, he followed up with a second post that read, “I just glanced at my DM’s, maybe we shouldn’t get the band back together.”

Fans found Schwartz’s follow-up funny, but still took it as an opportunity to roast him. As one Bravo fan account said, Tom was “humbled by his DMs real quick.” Part of the issue for many fans was Schwartz’s perceived hypocrisy. Shortly before the photo with Sandoval, Schwartz said he needed a break from his old friend.

On Watch What Happens Live, Schwartz explained, “I need a break from Tom, and I think he should shave his mustache.” Apparently, Schwartz just can’t make up his mind on where he stands with Sandoval, defending him in one instance and condemning him in another.

Vanderpump Rules returns to Bravo in January 2024.