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Garcelle Beauvais Shades Dorit Kemsley’s 2021 Robbery: ‘Still Had’ Her Jewelry

Garcelle Beauvais is saying out loud what a lot of people are thinking. She’s turned into somewhat of a fan favorite since joining Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. A fact that probably doesn’t sit too well with Kyle Richards who has been grasping for that straw since 2010.

But Garcelle doesn’t necessarily go with the flow, she says what she feels. That’s what makes her so appealing to many viewers. It might not be appreciated by her co-stars, especially Dorit Kemsley. On the November 29 episode of RHOBH, airing tonight, Garcelle has some thoughts about one of Dorit’s several robberies.

What about the jewelry?

In a video clip sneak peek shared by Bravo, Sutton Stracke spied Kyle’s new “wedding ring” and mentioned it to Garcelle. “I did notice the sapphire and diamond ring that she’s wearing now,” Sutton said. The new jewelry slipped by Garcelle because she isn’t checking for recent ring purchases.“That’s not her usual ring? I don’t pay [attention],” she responded.

In Garcelle’s interview segment, she noted jewelry doesn’t always catch her eye unless it’s reported stolen. “I don’t even know how Sutton even noticed Kyle was wearing a different ring. I never pay attention to that. The only time I notice jewelry is when after the robbery, Dorit still had hers,” and then Garcelle took a gentle sip of her beverage.

She’s referencing the robbery Dorit went through in October 2021 that played during RHOBH Season 12. Assailants broke into the home while PK Kemsley was conveniently across the pond in London and Dorit was alone with the kids.

Last season viewers saw the aftermath and how Dorit struggled through the remainder of filming despite the horrific event. As we go further into the present season, Dorit is still experiencing PTSD from the crime.

Due to Dorit and PK’s massive financial issues, there have been those who may or may not feel all of the couple’s robberies have been legit. Currently, Dorit owes over $90k to the IRS and PK is holding steady at a hefty $986,887 unpaid balance.

Watch Garcelle’s shade against Dorit tonight (Wednesday) when Real Housewives of Beverly Hills continues on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Bravo.