Real Housewives Who Got Crazy Alimony Payouts

(Photo by Momodu Mansaray/Getty Images)

Several Real Housewives have said goodbye to their marriages on-air. As we all know, when a marriage ends, divorce court begins. Luckily, a few of Bravo‘s leading ladies have exited these courtrooms victorious, with massive alimony checks in tow. We’re happy for these wins, because when players play, their exes deserve to slay.

On the flip side, a few Housewives received zero alimony from their exes. Ashley Darby and Porsha Williams are prime examples of this. In contrast, Bethenny Frankel was ordered to pay her ex $12,000 each month, because Jason Hoppy liked nice things. Thankfully, after two years of bolstering Jason’s lifestyle, Bethenny received good news in her divorce proceedings, and a judge ruled that her payments could stop.

For the vast majority, these exes chose to seal their court records, so regarding what was awarded, or not, we’ll likely never know. Larsa Pippen falls into this category. Her ex Scottie Pippen was an NBA baller, earning over $100 million total in just his salary alone. Therefore, we can only imagine what Larsa was awarded for their almost two decades of marriage.

So, who actually exited a courtroom with a known windfall? Well, we were able to find 4 cases that were either unsealed or revealed. Here are our findings regarding Real Housewives who got crazy alimony payouts.

Monica Garcia – $4,000


Only four months after Monica Garcia filed for divorce from her husband Mike, for the second time, a quick-moving judge entered their final ruling. While Monica did not secure the highest payout on this list, the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City newbie still made out fairly well. According to court documents, which The U.S. Sun obtained, Monica’s monthly income was listed as zero dollars. She owns a children’s clothing company that sells swaddles, which must not be doing well.

Monica “does not have any countable income from any source,” the docs stated. However, Mike was listed as having a gross monthly income of $17,333. With that in mind, the judge ruled that Mike needed to pay Monica $2,636 per month in child support. In addition, Mike was also ordered to pay another $4,000 each month in alimony.

This monthly spousal support check has to be paid out to Monica until June 2037, unless Monica remarries or cohabitates with another partner. Overall, Monica secured her next designer bag with this alimony ruling.

Alexis Bellino – $10,000

Alexis Bellino/Instagram

In a weird twist of events, Jim Bellino was the one who sought spousal support from his then-wife, Alexis Bellino, after he filed for divorce. Luckily for Alexis, the courts denied Jim’s request.

Instead, the former Real Housewives of Orange County star was granted $10,000 each month in spousal support from Jim. Alexis’ divorce settlement terms included another $6,000 each month in child support, as well as a one-time lump sum payment of $250,000, according to documents obtained by Us Weekly.

Alexis and Jim were married for 13 years. Thankfully, this former couple seems to have moved past their hurts. To date, Alexis and Jim are focused on co-parenting their three children to the best of their abilities. We can get behind their efforts, just as much we could also get behind a crazy monthly alimony check of $10,000 each month.

Kim Richards – $23,000

Kim Richards/Instagram

Kim Richards is another one of the Real Housewives who got crazy alimony payouts. She ultimately made out well for herself and her children following a divorce from her second husband, Gregg Davis. Gregg is an oil tycoon billionaire, which I also am, in my dreams.

That said, while starring on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Kim’s financial troubles were widely known. Her addictions and spending spiraled quickly, so hopefully, when she makes her return to RHOBH this season, she’s in a much better place.

As for what Kim received in her divorce from Gregg, the book House of Hilton, an unauthorized portrait of the Hilton’s rise to fame and power, spilled the tea. According to this book, Kim received a settlement that started out at $20K a month, which then ended in 2009. Don’t feel too bad for Kim though, as after 2009 hit, this crazy high alimony amount bumped up to “$23,000 a month for life, or until she remarries.” Not bad Kim, not bad at all.

Sutton Stracke – $300,000

Bravo Bone Collector/Instagram

Sutton Stracke can afford every cat sweater in the world using just her alimony checks alone. You see, Sutton gave up her career following the birth of her first child. Her cash flow was then solely dependent on her spouse, Christian Stracke, who worked in the investment banking world. Sutton and Christian were high school sweethearts who were married for 16 years and produced three children, who are all now fully grown.

When Christian called Sutton to advise her to get an attorney, as he was leaving their marriage, Sutton did. In doing so, Sutton realized just how well-off she actually was. Even though there are no exact reports outlining Christian’s earnings, Net Worth Gorilla estimated that his 2023 net worth was $30 million. So just how much of this did Sutton receive?

Well, Sutton’s divorce settlement included a hefty payout of $300K per month. This alimony amount is crazy high, so we hope that Sutton puts it all to good use. Might we suggest she purchase a new pair of (non-ugly) leather pants for her RHOBH costar, Crystal Kung Minkoff?