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Tom Sandoval Hoping for Redemption on Pump Rules Season 11

Tom Sandoval has had quite a year. The Vanderpump Rules star began 2023 by lying to his partner, his side-piece, and most of his friends. Now that we’re nearing the end of an explosive saga, Sandoval wants his redemption arc.

Season 10 was, by far, the most successful time Pump Rules has seen since it began. The drama of Scandoval led to high ratings and Emmy nominations, despite the heartbreaking content. Season 11 will find Tom licking his wounds and hopefully changing his ways, and he’s glad filming is over. Poor guy doesn’t want to “relive” any bad situations he caused. Us Weekly has the scoop.

It’s not about Tom anymore

Sandoval has had his time in the spotlight. It was a dirty spotlight tainted with deceit and betrayal, but he kept calm and carried on. Tom went on tour with his “band” and seemed to lean into his villain era.

Tom went into Season 11 with his co-stars giving him snide looks and side-eyes, by BravoCon it appeared all was forgiven and most had moved on. Except for Ariana Madix, that is. When VPR returns at the top of 2024, Tom hopes it’s less about Scandoval and more about his journey to salvation.

“I don’t know what’s going to happen,” Tom began.“I hope that people can remember who I’ve been throughout over a decade of the show — who I’ve been most of the time.” Sure, let’s review! This is the same selfish man who left his girlfriend for a boys’ trip in Vegas. After she specifically said she needed him after her father passed away. Sandoval is also a serial cheater, as evidenced by his documented relationships on the show.

Sandy also identifies as a professional gaslighter. It’s never his fault, it’s your fault silly. Oh, remember the time he outed Ariana as bisexual without her consent? I do. Most recently folks are still waiting for Tom to acknowledge recording Rachel Leviss in a vulnerable moment without her consent. That’s a pretty big one.

Look, just because someone is generous with his money and knows how to pack a suitcase does not mean he gets a pass for being a shitty human being. Sandoval stated the cast is “normally in tumultuous situations” and Season 11 will be about the same vibe.

“We’re always having the one conversation we don’t want to have with the person we don’t want to have it with,” he added. “It’s tough to keep your composure … but you do the best you can. I’m glad the season’s done filming, but there’s that not ever wanting it to air feeling too.” Someone call Tom a wahhhhhhmbulance without haste.

Obviously, most of us have left Scandoval in the rearview. But even if you take away that monumental moment, you’re still left with who Tom was before it happened. Perhaps it’s time for him to work on that guy if he wants redemption.

Vanderpump Rules Season 11 will return to Bravo in January 2024.