Tom Sandoval, Brittany Cartwright and Jax Taylor
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Brittany Cartwright Discusses Husband Jax Taylor’s Relationship With Tom Sandoval

Vanderpump Rules alum Brittany Cartwright guested on Kristen Doute’s podcast, Sex, Love and What Else Matters on November 15. She spilled some tea on the status of her husband Jax Taylor’s friendship with his former roommate and close friend Tom Sandoval.

Britt says that Jax and Tom have talked “a little bit about stuff” since news broke in March 2023 that Sandy had been having an affair with Rachel Leviss. Even though Jax has infidelity in his own past, he’s a married man now and publicly condemned Tom for cheating on his girlfriend of nine years, Ariana Madix.

She mentioned that Jax and Tom have “known each other” for over two decades. Nevertheless, the Jax and Brittany Take Kentucky star thinks it will be some time before they can really be friends again. While she believes their relationship will heal over time, Brittany has little interest in being friends with Sandoval again.

Baby steps

The three of them did spend some time together during BravoCon 2023 in November. She had brief interactions with Tom at that time. “He comes up to me and says ‘Hi’ and stuff now,” KFC said. “But I don’t talk to him or anything.”

“So he’s just trying to be extra nice,” added the mom of one. “And I appreciate that. I’m glad that he’s, like, making an effort. People can always change. And I always want the best for people.”

Tom also showed up unexpectedly to the grand opening on Halloween night of Jax and Britt’s new sports bar, Jax’s Studio City. Brittany also said she immediately texted Ariana to make sure she understood that Sandoval hadn’t been invited.

“We had no idea he was coming,” she confessed. It later came out that Jax had sent an invite to Sandy’s BFF and business partner Tom Schwartz. Sandy just decided to tag along as Schwartz’s plus one, even though he wasn’t personally invited.

Even though some of their guests were unhappy to see Sandoval at the grand opening, Jax says he has “no problem with Tom anymore.” He thinks Tom “has paid the price” for Scandoval.

“I think everyone has moved on,” he told Heather McDonald on a November episode of her Juicy Scoop with Heather McDonald podcast.

Jax thinks Sandoval is a ‘good person’

In the November 10 episode of their podcast, When Reality Hits with Jax and Brittany, Jax admitted he’s had positive interactions with Tom since the cheating scandal. He still thinks Tom’s a “good person,” despite his bad choices.

“I think he has just gone through some things,” the Pump Rules alum said. “Everybody makes mistakes in life, everybody screws up in life. Yes, what he did is wrong, but I’m not going to write the guy off. I had a really, really nice conversation with him.”

Brittany still wants her husband to be cautious before letting his former buddy back into their lives. She is still firmly in the “Team Ariana” camp and probably always will be.

“You’ve got to take it slow and make sure that people really change,” the Kentucky native warned.

Vanderpump Rules Season 11 premieres in January 2024.