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Kim Zolciak Hit With Fresh Credit Card Lawsuit

Good afternoon to everyone but Kim Zolciak and Kroy Biermann! Kim and Kroy are currently serving as the model of parent, spouse, and human being you do not want to be. So if you have questions about life, check out what these two are doing and then turn around and do the opposite.

Guess what friends, Kim owes more money. I know, we aren’t shocked anymore. What’s unbelievable is how the Real Housewives of Atlanta alums outright refuse to pay their bills and are still squatting in a McMansion. Somehow their money problems keep adding up and Chase Bank would now like a word with Wig. TMZ has the scoop.

Take the house, just take it all …

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I think the general public is done with these two. Even if some rogue production company wanted to film them at this point, not even TLC would touch it. So Kimbo and her beloved better start looking for gainful employment because the bills aren’t going away.

This week a new gift of legal docs was presented to Kim via Chase Bank. They are requesting $4,624.02 of an unpaid balance. According to the papers, Chase submitted Kimbo’s statements along with the filing and she’s been behind since November 2022. Why do I feel like if I miss one payment, everything will be shut off but Kim is walking around with a new vagina and new delusions and hasn’t paid since last year.

Keep in mind Kroy Genius is also being sued by Chase over a different credit card and they want $13k from him. Additionally, Kroy is being sued by Discover for a little under $12k. Because Kroy ignored that suit, a judge ordered him to pay the entire amount plus court costs.

Poor Kim and Kroy, and I mean that literally, are not just facing money issues from credit cards. They also owe the IRS and their home has been placed up for sale. The couple may or may not be getting divorced but the truth is, they most likely cannot financially afford to end the marriage. Kroy’s lawyer has placed a lien on their unsold home for unpaid fees.

If nothing else, this should serve as a warning to everyone that cig smoke mixed with dry shampoo and stale wine never leads to anything good. Kroy should have listened to his mother.