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Vicki Gunvalson Blasts ‘Ridiculous and Thirsty’ Alexis Bellino and John Janssen

Vicki Gunvalson clearly needs to gain a sense of self-awareness. But sometimes OGs don’t want to learn new tricks and Vick seems pretty set in her ways. The Real Housewives of Orange County alum has taken a brief pause from begging for her job to blast Alexis Bellino.

Alexis is about to come back in and swipe Vicki’s orange – she also swiped Shannon Beador’s former man. Now the OG takes aim at Alexis for dating John Janssen because Vicki has never ever had questionable dating choices. And get this, Vick also had the audacity to call them “thirsty.” Not this parched pot calling the kettle black. This incredibly hypocritical moment has been brought to you by Instagram …

Vicki should sit this one out

This is an embarrassing reach, even for Vicki. On Insta, realmomsofbravo shared a funny post showing a screaming Meryl Streep in character. The caption read, “Thoughts and prayers to Shannon.” As you might know, after being arrested for a DUI hit-and-run in September, Shan has been navigating some fallout of her stupid decisions. The only thing she appeared to do right was dump Toxic John. Or maybe she was dumped by Toxic John, either way, John and Shannon broke up.

One night at The Quiet Woman, aka Shannon’s favorite spot, John and Alexis happened to be there at the same time and snapped a photo together. Naturally, the streets started talking, but the surprising thing is, John and Alexis began dating as a result of that impromptu moment.

For whatever reason, or because she is also incredibly dehydrated and can spot a familiar with ease – Vicki jumped on the Instagram post and wrote, “Ridiculous and thirsty on both of them.” Let’s go over this, shall we?

Alexis might be thirsty but at least she’s not choosing a man over her children. Lex might be thirsty but thankfully she’s not co-signing her boyfriend lying about cancer so she can get a casserole. Jesus Jugs might be thirsty, but at least she isn’t on the phone with Andy Cohen every week crying because Bravo isn’t pleading to have her back.

Also, guess what – Alexis owes Shannon exactly nada. They do not know each other and they have never filmed together. Just because Alexis’ ex-husband Jim Bellino sued the shit out of Shannon doesn’t mean Alexis hounded him to do it.

Here’s what, Vicki might be out here riding for her friend, but she looks foolish. While she has the arrogance to clock someone else as “thirsty” and “ridiculous” she might want to note the call is coming from inside the house.

Real Housewives of Orange County Season 18 will return, perhaps with Alexis and without Vicki, in 2024 to Bravo.