Erika Jayne’s Most Shocking Moments On RHOBH

Erika Jayne
(Photo by Nicole Weingart/Bravo via Getty Images)

The Pretty Mess star is no stranger to being the center of attention, whether good or bad publicity. In fact, I would argue that Erika Jayne has made it her bread and butter to be polarizing when it comes to her place on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

The Georgia peach started off as a quiet-ish housewife often hushed by her husband, Tom Girardi. But over the course of multiple seasons, Erika climbed out of his shadow and made a name for herself, though many can argue it hasn’t been a good one. Here are Erika Jayne’s most shocking moments as a Housewife.

Erika’s Elevator Moment 


Believe it or not, Erika has a knack for timing, especially when it comes to roasting her castmate, Sutton Stracke, for being an uptight debutante who needs to take the stick out of her derrière. Sutton had made it known she was uncomfortable with the Magic Mike performance mainly because she wore pants. What can I say? The woman hates pants. And just because Erika vowed to give up fighting with the women for lent because, evidently, she is a good Catholic (who knew), the singer made an exception this one time. 

As the ladies were readying themselves to vacate Sin City, God sent a bone to Erika as the elevator opened, and her friend and star of Magic Mike was miraculously inside. Erika proceeded to snarkily say, “This is your chance to apologize to my friend who you said was over the top, and the show was sh*tty.” Honestly, this is one hellevator I am glad I wasn’t riding. 

Erika Tears Into Eileen


Erika can instill fear with just one look, and this is a big part of why we love her. However, I think most can agree that it isn’t good to be on the receiving end of her hate. Who could forget the girl’s trip when Erika tore into Eileen Davidson over mincing her words?

Eileen made a huge mistake when pointing out that she shouldn’t be so angry with her fellow castmates because it “wasn’t like she killed your child.” Unbeknownst to Eileen, Erika’s son worked as a cop. Cue the dramatics as Erika explained she lived every day worrying about her child. 

Erika went from 0 to 100 in the blink of an eye and she turned nasty as she told the soap opera actress, “Don’t ever bring up killing my child. Your kid doesn’t put on a uniform every night. Shut the f*ck up.” Lesson learned: Don’t ever bring up Erika’s son. 

Erika Trusts No One


There is a saying that goes, when someone shows you who they are the first time, believe them. However, this is not how Erika lives her life. During Season 7, Erika opened up a bit about her childhood, noting that her mother, at times, was “too trusting.” At that moment, as a young girl, Erika vowed never to be like her mother, crying over a man.

Instead, she taught herself to be controlled and even changed the pitch of her voice, which viewers have noticed over the years. Erika’s exclamation of “I’ll never be that f*cking weak” spoke volumes about who the star actually is. She is a chameleon who learned to change her colors no matter what situation she found herself in. The scene was truly eye-opening.

Hong Kong and Goodnight


It was lights out for Dorit Kemsley when Erika came for her while the girls were in Hong Kong. The entire exchange was fueled by Pantygate when Erika wore a designer dress and opted to go commando. At the time, the new housewife, Dorit, thought the move was classless. While on the junk boat Erika noted in her confessional that she wasn’t sure why Dorit is trying to pick a fight. After being interrupted one too many times, Erika clapped back, “Let me finish, Dorit. You talk a lot.”

Not one to be silenced, Dorit tried to peacock, replying, “You don’t talk enough,” but her feathers were instantly plucked as Erika yelled, “I say important sh*t. You say too much boring sh*t.”

Erika wasn’t wrong, as the cast and Dorit were left speechless for the rest of the river cruise.