Will Alexis Bellino Return For RHOC Season 18? Here’s Why She Should

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Alexis Bellino appeared on Real Housewives of Orange County Seasons 5-8. On-air, her life seemed perfect. Owning multiple million-dollar homes alongside her then-husband of 13 years, Jim Bellino, their expensive vacations and lavish parties were enviable. However, towards the end of her time on RHOC, warning signs appeared, causing the cast to speculate on their seemingly picture-perfect lives together.

It’s been a decade since Bravo’s cameras caught up with Alexis. That’s a long time, and as a lot has since changed in Alexis’s life, we’d love to see both who, and where, she is these days. But, will Alexis Bellino return for RHOC Season 18? We hope so, and we’ll explain why now.

A Post-Jim Alexis Would Be Fun

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When we last saw Alexis, she and Jim were happily married. Over the course of four seasons, we watched Alexis’ life as a stay-at-home mom, raising the couple’s three small children. As for their lifestyle, Alexis and Jim were devout Christians with traditional values. Some fans called Jim controlling, as he wasn’t a fan of Alexis going on trips sans his presence.

In fact, Jim crashed the ladies’ Season 5 trip to Florida, which was weird. Likewise, Jim wanted Alexis to pull back from filming, saying on-air, “Wives stay home. There’s only so much time in a day to raise my children. You’ve got to say no to some things.”

Not shockingly, in 2018, the couple divorced. Luckily, they are now in a great place as co-parents, posting together that their children come first. But still ya’ll, Jesus Jugs has been freed! Should Alexis now return to RHOC for Season 18, she wouldn’t have anyone to answer to, allowing her to fully show up, not just for the cast, but also, for herself.

Alexis’s Life Post RHOC Holds Great Storylines

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Since putting aside her orange, and her marriage, Alexis began dating, got engaged, ended it, and is now dating again. In addition to her changing love life narratives, Alexis’s three children have also grown and evolved. Recently, Alexis even reintroduced us to her oldest son, Miles.

“Hey world, this is Miles. My transgender son. He’s now a month shy of 15 yrs old… Miles now has a voice and has asked me to do this post,” Alexis explained, underneath a sweet mother-son image.

“I had stopped posting for the past few months due to this transition in Miles’ life, but he’s now ready to ‘come out’ and to use this platform to stop any hate or questions. I refused to post this for him for a while, but now I know Miles truly wants this because he’s tired of the misgendering and confusion people have, so we are setting the record straight and hopefully bringing clarity,” she continued, fully in support of her transgender son.

Alexis then stated that her love for her son was unconditional while praising him for his bravery. We’d love to see Alexis and Heather Dubrow bond over their shared championing of their LGBTQIA+ children, should Alexis choose to for RHOC Season 18.

Alexis Remains Friendly With Most of the RHOC Cast

Alexis Bellino/Instagram

Online, Alexis can be seen mingling with various Real Housewives. Several of these are even from the OC, like Heather and Tamra Judge. Additionally, while attending Kathy Hilton‘s holiday party, Alexis posted with Emily Simpson. On this, Tamra commented “You guys look beautiful.”

With relationships already in place on her former cast, the path for Alexis’s return would be easy to navigate. We’d love to see Alexis make this trek, walking back towards her friends, and frenemies, on RHOC Season 18.

Alexis Is Now Dating Shannon’s Ex

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Elsewhere in Orange County, Shannon Beador’s ex, John Janssen, is now dating Alexis. Either John really likes Bravo’s flashing lights and multiple red carpet events, or the dating pool in these gated streets is trash. Either way, WOAH. Alexis’s new boyfriend would for sure aid in several dramatic scenes, should she return to this series.

Wildly, the bickering has already begun between these two John-lovers. To backtrack, several months ago, Shannon wrecked her car while driving under the influence. It’s been alleged that she and John had fought that evening, and now, possibly, Alexis might have even been involved.

Speaking to E! News at Jeff Lewis‘ premiere party last week, Shannon elaborated on these rumors. “I don’t know her. She said that I screamed obscenities at her across the bar on my unfortunate night, which I didn’t, and I have witnesses to prove that. If you’re going to say things about me, let’s talk about the truth.”

Additionally, this new pairing hurts Shannon for another reason, as back in 2018, Jim sued Shannon and Tamra for defamation. “John is very well aware of a lawsuit that I was involved in with Jim Bellino, and Alexis was involved in that lawsuit. I was financially and emotionally devastated for years. And I won,” Shannon recalled, adding that it still devastated her financially, which John was well aware of.

As for Alexis’s response, she told Access “I’ve never been her friend. I don’t owe her anything. There is no girl code that’s going on here.” Even though Alexis also stated that she doesn’t wish Shannon any ill will, there’s clearly a lot of drama right now between these two ladies, and we’d love to see Alexis face it all head on, by returning to RHOC for Season 18.

Alexis is Fighting with Vicki

Vicki Gunvalson/X

The RHOC Season 18 storylines are growing, and Alexis hasn’t even rejoined the cast…yet. When news of Alexis’s new romance hit, Vicki Gunvalson jumped on X (formerly known as Twitter), directing her followers to CELEBUZZ, where she expressed, “For me to see that Alexis—someone I actually had some respect for—would go so low as to date Shannon’s ex? It’s gross.”

Alexis and Vicki are now firing shady barbs online, and it’s getting messy. Alexis should return for RHOC Season 18 to hash this all out live, because this has been…a lot.