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Kroy Biermann Thanks Supporters After Volatile Temper Exposed on Police Body Cam

Ever since Kim Zolciak and Kroy Biermann called it quits back in May, their outrageous rollercoaster of delusion and dysfunction has been low-hanging fruit, perfectly fit for thorough roastings. However, when the Don’t Be Tardy/The Real Housewives of Atlanta alums appeared on their most recent police body cam footage, it was like a proverbial record scratch.

Kim was typical Kim on the footage, but many found Kroy’s demeanor pretty distressing. We saw a man who clearly had reached his breaking point in the wake of his “destroyed” life. Also, reports said that one of the minor Biermann kids was who called the police. And suddenly, this whole thing seemed a bit less suitable for public consumption. Even their friends have had enough.

As the fallout from the video continues and Kim sells off the couple’s designer duds on Instagram, at least it seems that Kroy’s receiving some support. He recently took time to acknowledge those who’ve made it clear that they’re in his corner.

Kim’s been selling off her and Kroy’s designer things

Having some of your life’s most traumatic moments made widely viewable is already embarrassing enough. But, Kim just added to the spectacle by making an Instagram account solely dedicated to selling off the evidence of their terrible financial decisions.

Kim initiated the sale of various items belonging to both her and Kroy, such as shoes, purses, and wigs, on Saturday via Instagram. Of course, the prices were outrageous for used designer goods.

Her @kimzbcloset profile bio encourages fans to “Shop all things from Kim’s Closet ❤️,” and she adds, “Send me a DM with the item you want, and we will go from there. I appreciate your support.”

Well, I guess that’s one way to try to clear out the McMansion from Hell before it gets foreclosed out from under you.

Kroy acknowledged his supporters following police body cam going public

Kroy Biermann on Instagram
Photo Credit: @kroybiermann via Instagram Stories

It seems like Kim continues to be the vaginally rejuvenated ringmaster of this never-ending circus. She is NOT laying low like a normal person would. Has Kim heard of consignment stores?

Kroy, on the other hand, looks to be gaining sympathy. Following Kim’s fire sale of his Louis Vuitton luggage and other stuff, he took to his Instagram Stories on Monday.

“I see You ALL! ❤️,” he posted against a simple black background. It was only a few words, but made it clear that people have been expressing their support for Kroy. Even after his scary outburst was exposed.

Let’s hope this is the winding-down of the saga of Kim and Kroy’s ruinous relationship with high-visibility tribulation. If not for the health of our eye-rolling muscles, at least for the well-being of their undoubtedly hurt and mortified children.

Kim will be on the upcoming season of The Surreal Life. And, Don’t be Tardy and past seasons of RHOA are streaming.