Ramona Singer’s Most Iconic Moments

Ramona Singer
(Photo by Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images)

The Singer Stinger is currently showing her true colors on the Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip, which is causing fans to reminisce about her times on the Real Housewives of New York City. Ramona Singer is no doubt a character of characters who is a sinner one day but a saint the next. Throughout her time in the Big Apple franchise, she rubbed more people wrong than right and really made a name for herself thanks to her unfiltered outbursts. 

Take A Xanax


Ramona is pretty great when it comes to confrontation, but there were some people who just got under her skin. Cue Aviva Drescher and all of her neuroses. While on the cast trip to St. Barths, which was an all-girls trip, by the way, Aviva decided to bring along her husband, which rubbed Ramona and Sonja Morgan the wrong way. While piled around the self-serve wine fountain, all hell broke loose. After being called out by Aviva for their negative chit-chat, Ramona calmly asked, “Are you yelling at me?”

As Aviva tried to explain once again about her multiple anxiety issues, citing that “everyone should be throwing their arms around Reed and say thank you for bringing my friend down here,” the Singer Stinger couldn’t hold back anymore, yelling, “Aviva, you’re missing the point. Take a Xanax! Calm down!” Alas, Aviva did not calm down and went on to call the Bobbsey Twins “white trash” which they then had to look up the meaning. 

The Oil and Vinegar Scene


Bless Ramona and her isms. You can always count on Ramona to lose her track of thought when she is really going in on one of her co-stars during a meltdown. This particular moment took place after meeting up with Bethenny Frankel. The mother of one described Bethenny in detail, saying, “She has this hard ass expression on. She still looks uptight, and I don’t know what to do.” As the Season 9 dinner discussion continued, it became apparent the two were never going to mesh as they went tit for tat about their respective divorces. 

As Bethenny disinvited Ramona from the group trip to Mexico, the blonde added, “Well, it’s a group trip. I’m coming.” Ramona then pleaded with Bethenny to “have more respect” as she noted, “we are more like oil and vinegar” instead of oil and water. 

Turtle Time


After crashing a yacht party, the Real Housewives of New York City women were sufficiently lubricated with spirits. Ramona twirled her hips in a free spirit moment, noting it was “Turtle time.” As fans know, the expression is meant to explain when you take a drink, have a night out, and start to dance. Not wanting to be excluded from being the life of the party, Ramona then proceeded to tear up the dance floor with some moves that the cast or fans won’t ever forget. 

Ramona, the Model


Ramona came onto the runway like a bat out of hell, which included her infamous crazy eyes. Ramona stole the show with her walk, with most everyone looking at her face instead of her black dress. The mother of one didn’t blink once while strutting her stuff. Jill Zarin may have said it best, “When Ramona walked out, it looked like an alien had invaded her body. She walks like a robot with her neck sticking out like a giraffe.” One thing was for sure—the eyes were popping. 

Ramona vs. Kenya


Now, you would think that Ramona would have done a bit of research when she decided to first star in the Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip, especially when dealing with Kenya Moore. But no, Ramona went in cold and called Kenya out on the flight to the island. After being accused of flirting with men when she was still married, Ramona blasted Kenya, yelling, “I was divorced bit*h. You don’t understand.” I will say that Mona never disappoints, even in her cornered outbursts.