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Scheana Shay Blasts Rachel Leviss’ New Podcast, Says It’s ‘Fully Scripted’

Did you guys know Scheana Shay is an expert on podcasts? Not only is she proficient in wavering loyalties and photographing herself 837 times a day – now Scheana knows exactly what you want to listen to.

Summer Moon’s mommy must be feeling vulnerable due to Rachel Leviss’ new podcast. There’s simply no other reason for ScheSchu to test her Botox because by now, she should have moved on from Scandoval. Everyone else has. Oh, but I forgot, the drama of Ariana Madix’s life falling apart mainly impacted Scheana, #neverforget. Or maybe she peaked in Season 10 and is trying to cling to that joyous time. Perhaps that’s why she can’t seem to quit talking about Rachel.

Is someone a little nervous?

Basically, Scheana complained about Rachel’s new podcast on her own podcast. During an episode of Scheananigans, the Vanderpump Rules star implied Rachel’s gig won’t be around for too long. Tell me you’re threatened without telling me you’re threatened.

The former SURver told followers she isn’t planning on giving Rachel Goes Rogue a listen. But I guess that’s okay because she’s obviously not realizing she’s plugging the show right now. Genius at work here, folks.

Scheana began, “What is she going to talk about outside of that six and a half minutes?” Well hell if Scheana can stretch 15 minutes out to several years, certainly Rachel might have a shot.

She continued, “What is episode 10 of ‘Rachel Goes Rogue’ going to be about?” Say more? Now she’s name-dropped the program and people can give it a hate-listen. Also, remember this is Scheana. By February 2024 she will probably be best friends with Rachel again.

But first, she’ll claim Rachel is “reading someone else’s words” and not sharing her personal perspective. That said, how would Scheana know anyone else’s “personal perspective” except her own?

She continued, “I would love to see a video portion of the podcast. Instead of it not being only audio because that’s how you know it’s fully scripted.” Why not leave her alone if you dislike her so much?

Rachel isn’t checking for Scheana

Rachel went to a mental health care facility. She has had no contact with the Pump Rules cast. She has mentioned none of them since the Season 10 reunion. Is this woman not allowed to move on with her life? Does Scheana need Rach to pop a vein and write “I am personally sorry to Scheana who is clearly the most hurt in this situation” in her own blood? God, move on.

“I would like to see more — I mean not that I’m going to watch or listen at all — but if she’s going to do this then don’t just be reading a script behind a mic. Show your face,” she added. Ugh, give it a rest already, we’re bored now.

Join me as I wait with bated breath for Scheana’s next enthralling podcast, because she has so many interesting things to share. It will have to hold fans over until Vanderpump Rules returns with Season 11 and more of Scheana’s left side Tuesday, January 30 at 8/7c on Bravo.