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Brandi Glanville Blames Caroline Manzo Drama for Health Issues Including Facial Disfigurement

Brandi Glanville had a crap 2023 and the truth is, no one really knows what happened to get her here. Everything was rolling along normally in Brandi’s world until she was cast on Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip: Morocco.

Fans were excited about this particular season because some OG Real Housewives were returning to the franchise. Alex McCord was tapped to come along. Camille Grammer 007 was going to be there. And Real Housewives of New Jersey alum Caroline Manzo decided to participate.

One evening at a filmed event when the drinks were flowing, Brandi and Caroline had an alleged incident in a bathroom. Brandi was accused of touching Caroline inappropriately and without consent. While nothing came of an internal investigation, Brandi’s life deteriorated as a result – mentally and physically. Entertainment Tonight has the details.

Blame it on the RHUGT

The too long, don’t read of it all is Brandi was accused of feeling Caroline up and Caroline left production as a result. Brandi was sent home the next day. The season has been shelved (for now, allegedly) and Shed Media confirmed nothing conclusive was revealed after looking into the incident.

So Brandi has been sitting around taking shit for something she didn’t do – allegedly – and it’s impacting her health. She has maintained the entire time she did nothing wrong but the Peacock network called her behavior “unacceptable.” Her troubles were far from over.

Back in August, Brandi’s face started swelling up and she experienced anaphylactic shock. “I’ve had some health issues that have affected my ability to talk. My ability to taste food, my face basically would swell up, like I would have anaphylactic shock, go into anaphylactic shock constantly and I saw 7 doctors and their answer to it was it was stress-induced angioedema,” she said.

The former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star consulted with multiple physicians until she was ultimately diagnosed. Angioedema is basically when your skin swells for no clinical reason.

In Brandi’s opinion, the stress of the Morocco show and Caroline’s accusations are the reason she experienced angioedema. Yes, she’s blaming facial disfigurement on Bravo.

The Bravoleb did lawyer-up and her legal team has repeatedly requested Bravo air whatever footage they have or release the season to show her side. Additionally, they are accusing production of not providing a safe work space and encouraging the cast to excessively drink alcohol.

In 2024, the mom of two is hoping for a fresh start. “I just want to be healthy. I have taken my health for granted, I cried on my birthday. It was on November 16th. I cried the whole night and I thought that was my new normal, I was just never gonna look the same or feel the same. I was just gonna be this giant pumpkin head and like my mouth even now I get tired of talking. So I didn’t do my podcast for several months because I would just have to stop and take breaks. It’s insane. I took my health for granted.”

At this time there is no air date for Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip: Morocco.