The RHOBH Season 13 Reunion Looks Ranked


The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 13 reunion looks are finally here! After a crazy season, RHOBH fans are as ready as ever for the reunion. While some of the ladies stepped up their fashion game for the event, others fell far below par. Here are the eight RHOBH Season 13 reunion looks ranked, from the most stunning to the most mediocre.

Kyle Richards

NBC Universal/Bravo Insider

Kyle Richards arguably has the most stunning look of the evening, which earned her the top spot on our list! Kyle chose a beautiful emerald green dress with a small ring in the middle for the evening. While the look is simple, it is elegant and classy. Oftentimes, the Real Housewives go overboard with their reunion looks, and they get to be too much. Kyle, on the other hand, made a perfect choice with this simple look.

Annemarie Wiley

NBC Universal/Bravo Insider

Annemarie Wiley‘s look is a close second to Kyle’s. The RHOBH star chose a bright blue gown, with matching heels. The dress also has a stunning wrap-around structure, which helps to elevate the simplicity of it a bit. The color looks absolutely stunning on Annemarie, and earned her second place on our rankings list!

Dorit Kemsley

NBC Universal/Bravo Insider

Dorit Kemsley certainly took some risks with her RHOBH Season 13 reunion, which ended up paying off! The RHOBH star went with a bright red dress that fits her form like a glove. Dorit finished the look with a matching scarf that covers the majority of her head as well as her arms. A pair of white hoop earrings adds the perfect finish to the look, which earned a spot in our top three.

Crystal Kung Minkoff

NBC Universal/Bravo Insider

Crystal Kung Minkoff‘s reunion look is not the best, but certainly not the worst. For the big night, Crystal wore a long-sleeve, knee-length green dress. The dress is embellished with floral and leaf patterns, and finished with a black belt. The color looks good on Crystal, but it doesn’t stand out as much as some of the other women’s dresses. Crystal’s look is good overall, but not one of the stand out looks of the night.

Garcelle Beauvais

NBC Universal/Bravo Insider

Garcelle Beauvais‘ look also lands her in the middle of our list. Like Crystal’s dress, Garcelle’s look is not bad, but also does not stand out in any way. Garcelle sports a long sleeve floor length brown gown embellished with sequins. Unfortunately the metallic hue doesn’t do much to elevate the look. Overall though, Garcelle still looks great and her make up is absolutely spot on!

Erika Jayne

NBC Universal/Bravo Insider

Erika Jayne can dress, but she did not pull out her best for the RHOBH Season 13 reunion. Erika chose a short dress for the big event, with long sleeves and an embellished zebra pattern. The pointy shoulders of the dress are arguably the worst part, as they just do not look flattering. Furthermore, the skirt of the dress has three big gold buttons that doesn’t add much to it either. Unfortunately, Erika’s outfit lands her in our bottom three.

Kathy Hilton

NBC Universal/Bravo Insider

It’s evident that Kathy Hilton tried with her RHOBH Season 13 reunion, but unfortunately she ended up failing. Kathy sports a knee-length silver sequin skirt with a matching top. Kathy’s beige colored undershirt is weirdly visible, which is the main problem with the outfit. Kathy’s shiny silver purse is another issue, as it does not match the dress at all. We know that Kathy can do much better, but unfortunately everyone has a bad night once in a while.

Sutton Stracke

NBC Universal/Bravo Insider

We’re sorry, Sutton Stracke! While Sutton certainly put in some effort with this look, ultimately it did not pay off. While Sutton’s strapless blue dress has potential, everything else ended up ruining the look. The upward pointing neckline is strange, and the large flower necklace Sutton chose to compliment it just does not match at all. Furthermore, the large gold bracelet with a matching flower makes the look even more confusing. Better luck next time Sutton!