Lala Kent and Tom Schwartz in Pump Rules Season 11
Photo by: Nicole Weingart/Bravo via Getty Images

Tom Schwartz Forging New Friendship With Lala Kent: ‘Special Little Connection’

During Season 10 of Vanderpump Rules, stars Lala Kent and Tom Schwartz had a fiery disagreement at the beach. And once Scandoval reared its ugly head, their relationship further deteriorated.

The cast accused Schwartz of covering for Tom Sandoval and Rachel Leviss’ affair. The feeling was that if he didn’t help cover it up, he at least knew about it. Later, Rachel revealed that Schwartz knew from the lust-filled beginning. That didn’t match Schwartz’s ever-shifting timeline.

Schwartz was under so much pressure that he nearly bailed on filming Season 11 of Pump Rules. He was overwhelmed with all the negative comments following Scandoval.

Lala and Schwartz have a deep conversation

During James Kennedy and Ally Lewber’s pool party in Season 11, Lala and Schwartz had a deep conversation. “There are times where I take things to heart, which is what I’m working on is not being a dog in everyone else’s fight,” Lala stated.

She also recognized Schwartz’s desire to be a Sandoval people-pleaser. “I constantly watch you please everyone around you, and it’s such an amazing quality,” she stated. But Lala’s father possessed the same quality, and it caused him a great deal of stress.

Both the VPR cast members apologized for their previous actions. “I see you with Ocean [Kent], and I see what a great f*cking mom you are and how much humanity you have, and I remember why I kind of fell in love with you in the first place as friends,” Schwartz told Lala.

During the Vanderpump Rules After Show, Lala reflected on why she decided to mend her friendship with Schwartz. “I think me just putting my guard down and not leading with anger,” Lala said.

“I, like, tried to listen to him, I tried to have a space where, when he’s opening up about his dad being sick, his brother struggling — instead of coming from a place of ‘We all got sh-t,’ it was coming from a place of like, ‘OK, I know how difficult that is.’ I wanted grace when I went through things like that,” she added.

For his part, Schwartz explained that he had missed being friends with Lala. “But, deep down, I did miss her friendship. I know we’ve never been best friends, but, deep down, I did miss her friendship … We’ve always been tight,” he stated.

“We’ve always had a special little connection on the side … That was one of the first moments I felt a really deep, meaningful soulful connection with the group, and in particular, with Lala,” Schwartz said.

“I also had a fall from grace by association, and it was hard for me just being an outcast.”

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