Kyle Richards’ Worst Moments on RHOBH

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Kyle Richards has been entertaining viewers on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills for over a decade. She is often referred to as the heartbeat of the show and is the last OG cast member standing. She may be the queen of RHOBH but she hasn’t always ruled with grace.

Here are Kyle’s worst moments on RHOBH.

When She Excluded Brandi at Game Night

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In Season 2, “friend of” Dana Wilkey threw a game night that ended in disaster. Kyle and her sister, Kim Richards, were placed on the same team as newcomer Brandi Glanville and they weren’t super welcoming. In fact, Kyle acted like a total mean girl. From laughing about not wanting Brandi on her team to purposely giving clues only Kim would know the answer to during a game of Celebrity, it was not a good look for the RHOBH star.

When She Fought With Kim In the Limo

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In the Season 1 finale, Kyle got in an explosive fight with Kim in the back of a limo. The sisters had been on rocky ground all season but it came to a head in this finale scene where Kyle accused her sister of being an alcoholic.

“Mom had to die worrying about you and stressing about you and leave this s*** on my shoulders,” she said during the argument.

Knowing now how real Kim’s struggles with drinking were, we think Kyle should’ve kept that comment to herself.

When She Went After Carlton’s Religion

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Kyle has a bit of a reputation for hazing the new girl and that was certainly the case with Season 4 newbie, Carlton Gebbia.

The two were like oil and vinegar straight away but the situation escalated during Mauricio Umansky’s birthday party.

Carlton confronted Kyle after she heard from friends that her co-star had made comments insulting her home. The two started fighting and it didn’t take long before Kyle took yet another dig at Carlton’s religion.

“By the way, if you don’t want to be judged for being a Wicca, don’t act like a witch,” she said. Oh, Kyle. Yikes!

When She Compared Lisa to Bobby Fischer

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The cracks in Kyle and Lisa Vanderpump’s friendship started long before #Puppygate. At the Season 1 reunion, Kyle threw shade at her supposed bestie, calling her calculated and said being friends with her was like “playing chess with Bobby Fischer.” Ouch. That’s harsh.

At the time, the comment felt out of left field and appeared to really hurt Lisa.

When She Questioned Sutton’s Miscarriage

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In Season 12, Kyle inserted herself in a conversation between Diana Jenkins and Sutton Stracke and it didn’t end well. Sutton was trying to comfort Diana about her recent miscarriage by sharing her own experience. The conversation did not concern Kyle but that didn’t stop her from butting in and letting Sutton know that her feelings weren’t valid.

“I love you, but this feels like bullsh*t,” she said after Sutton revealed she had two miscarriages in the past.

The RHOBH totally dismissed Sutton’s confession, stating that because her friend never mentioned it before, it must not be true.

“You’re going to say you lost two babies? Out of the blue, you say that. We don’t know that,” she said on the episode.

In a confessional, Sutton said her friend’s comments broke her heart and left her feeling disappointed in their friendship.

Kyle later shared that she apologized to Sutton in a July 2022 Instagram Story.

“I immediately called Sutton and apologized to her,” she wrote, Page Six reported. “I consider Sutton a close friend and care about her a lot. Sutton accepted my apology and we moved on.”

When She Laughed At Erika Cursing Out Garcelle’s Son

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Erika Jayne received a lot of backlash after she cursed out Garcelle Beauvais’ son in Season 12. A drunken Erika told her co-star’s 14-year-old son to “F*** off,” which shocked many fans. Erika took most of the heat but viewers were also disappointed in Kyle for laughing at the remark.