Reasons Why RHOBH Needs Camille Grammer Back

Photo by Mindy Small/FilmMagic via Getty Images

We didn’t know it back in Season 1, but Camille Grammer was literally the golden goose of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She starred as a full-time cast member during seasons 1, 2, and 3 and had a recurring role between Season 5-7. At first, I thought Camille was a clout chaser as I watched her navigate her relationship with Kelsey Grammer

Then I thought, well, she might be the mean girl of Malibu. But after not having her on the small screen for a while, I started to miss her. Thank goodness she popped up this season for a cameo! But I want more Camille in the 90210, and here’s why.

She Drags Dorit


Dorito Dorit Kemsley has been a thorn in my side for years. Between her over-the-top dramatics and a fake accent, I just find the mother of two hard to watch at times. And evidently, so does Camille. In the past, Dorit has been accused of over-talking and not knowing when to put a pin in it. So it didn’t surprise me to see that Camille decided to drag the fashionista, calling her “boring.” Cammy took to a Bravo post to call out Dorit’s loyalties, noting, “I don’t understand why Dorit is going in on Kyle except for the fact DK hasn’t had a storyline since her first 2 seasons.”

Best believe Camille didn’t stop there as she annihilated Dorit’s lack of a storyline, noting, “All I get from watching her is PTSD from two years ago. I’m not diminishing what she went through. It was awful, but come on now, it’s boring.” Naturally, Camille reminded fans what made her so great, including her very public divorce, a cancer diagnosis, and living through the Malibu wildfires where she lost her home. Clearly, Dorit has to step up her game. 

Camille Has Game

Camille Meyer/Instagram

Camille knows exactly what the people want, and what the people want is more enticing drama! The sultry blonde recently teased that she had filmed an unaired scene with Kyle Richards and Mauricio Umansky. We know she is still close to much of the cast since she still got an invite to the famed White Party. Once again, Camille took to Instagram to share, “I filmed more than was shown this season. I filmed a scene catching up with Kyle at her house. Just me and her and yes, Mauricio was there. We talked about a lot of things, but it never aired. Oh well. That’s show biz.” Bravo, stop the playing around and bring back our Camille already, as you clearly still shine a spotlight on her!

Camille Is a Real Housewives Icon

Camille Meyer/Instagram

 Camille is literally more controversial than half of the dull 90210 gems. She’s our queen of hearts when it comes to the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Nothing seems to stick on her, she catches it and throws it back. There hasn’t been a controversial housewife like Camille in a long time. Yes, we have Erika Jayne, but at least Camille didn’t have victims scattered around her. Early Camille showed Camille feeling herself a bit too much as she thought she was the hottest housewife ever. But dare I say, her small delusional ideas are greatly missed.

We can’t forget that Camille gave us some of the best RHOBH moments, including the dinner from hell, where the psychic told Kyle that Mau would never fulfill her in the end! I also personally can’t forget the eye contact Camille made when meeting the men of the group; it was so sexual. Early RHOBH was top-tier, and Camille was a part of that success. 

I would love to see her back holding a diamond because while I do think she has mellowed, she is still the pot-stirring Camille we all love. And she usually brings Denise Richards as her plus one! At this rate, I would give anything to get that freewheeling, fast, and loose Camille back, even if it is for a Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip season.