Rachel Leviss
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Rachel Leviss Names Those Who Allegedly Knew About Tom Sandoval Affair; Ariana Madix’s Friend Denies Claims

Ever since Rachel Leviss left Vanderpump Rules, and her affair partner, Tom Sandoval, in the dust, she has been very vocal. Her podcast, Rachel Goes Rogue, is her platform to give her side of the Scandoval story. And, let’s not forget, that Rachel is suing Sandoval and his ex-girlfriend, Ariana Madix.

Her lawsuit alleges revenge porn, invasion of privacy, eavesdropping, and intentional infliction of emotional distress. Sandoval allegedly filmed Rachel in an intimate moment without her consent, and Ariana reportedly saw the image on his phone.

Rachel shared some details about who knew about Scandoval early on. This is a bit confusing. She previously claimed in the lawsuit that Ariana “knew about it [the affair] as early as Fall of 2022.” Ariana was allegedly “on the chopping block” and needed a juicy story to save her job.

Rachel names who knew about Scandoval

During a recent episode of her podcast, Rachel shared who knew about her affair with the white nail-polished wonder. “I want to kind of clear the air on who those people were and whether or not I know for certain that they knew. But they were there were instances where it was pretty undeniable,” Rachel explained.

She shared that Sandoval’s best friend, Tom Schwartz, knew from the jump. “Maybe people don’t realize or have suspected, but Kyle Chan has also known. And Kyle Chan has been a good friend of Tom’s for quite some time,” Rachel said of the Pump Rules cast’s favorite jeweler. “And he was one of the people that was trying to talk some sense into Tom. But he also likes to keep the secret for him.”

Kyle has been seen a few times on VPR this season hanging with Sandoval. “Why I bring that up is because as we know the last episode that the cast filmed in San Francisco was for Kyle Chan’s party and nobody seemed to have an issue with Kyle knowing,” Rachel added.

She continued, “Next Jason Bader is Tom Sandoval’s drummer and band manager. You have seen him on Tom Sandoval’s podcast.” Jason has also filmed with Sandoval for Season 11.

But did they know for sure about Sandoval and Rachel’s affair?

“Next, Max Boyens. I don’t know the extent of what he knew about the affair but Max Boyens is one of the people that we would meet up with regularly at one of the dive bars by Tom Sandoval’s house,” Rachel stated. Max was a cast member during Season 8 of the show.

Her next person of interest was Ariana’s bestie, Logan Cochran. “This one’s a little sus because Tom and I were very reckless and stupid. Basically, Tom and I were cuddling in the social media room which is downstairs at their [of their] house. And we were just like cuddling on the floor, we were clothed and everything,” Rachel stated. “But Logan walked in on us and then he’s like ‘Ohh I’m really messed up. OK bye’ and then left. Like Logan definitely had to have some sort of suspicion that this was going on because why else would we be cuddling?” she explained.

Finally, Rachel shared that Sandoval’s mother knew. Rachel went to Sandoval’s hometown with him. “But yes, Tom Sandoval’s mom also knew and I think that’s really messed up position to put your mom in because you know now she’s keeping this secret for her son,” she explained. “That concludes my list. There’s no reason to be protecting these people anymore, I think they can all handle it.”

Logan strikes back

Well, Logan fired back in his Instagram Story. A Bravo fan page shared a copy of the Instagram post. “First, ew, no I did NOT know. Second, I don’t believe in lying to my friends or withholding important information from them. My friendship with Ariana is very near and dear to me and I’ll protect it at all costs,” he wrote. “I just thought we were all good friends. I learned [about the affair] the same day Ariana did.”

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