Kristen Doute in The GOAT
Photo Credit: Jace Downs

Kristen Doute Warns Fellow Contestants in The GOAT Trailer: ‘Don’t Lie to My Face’

It’s a GOAT eat GOAT world. That’s right, Kristen Doute, Reza Farahan, Jill Zarin, and MORE are headed back to our TV screens. Their new series, The GOAT, which will air on Prime Video, has stars from The Bachelor, Love Island, and Big Brother competing in a series of competitions for $200,000. Somebody call Johnny Bananas!

Thanks to People, the trailer for the show, which premieres on May 9, showcased sticky challenges, dramatic moments, and explosive confrontations. Keep reading to see what’s to come. 

Trailer promises there’s drama to come in Season 1 of The GOAT on Prime Video

The new series, hosted by Daniel Tosh, already sounds epic. “No one has dared to find out who is the best at just being on a reality show,” he said at the beginning of the trailer. 

“Each episode, our contestants will face new challenges that will test their strength and lack of life skills.” 

The trailer continued with clips of other reality stars, including Kristen, getting real with her co-stars. “Don’t lie to my face,” she told them. In another clip, The Real Housewives of New York’s Jill said, “This is so not fair,” with teary eyes. 

“Prepare,” Da’Vonne Rogers said in a separate clip. “‘Cause it’s about to be ugly crying, lots of fighting — it’s going to get nasty.” 

Where else can you catch Kristen in the meantime?

Photo by: Casey Durkin/Bravo

Aside from The GOAT, Kristen has another show on the air right now: The Valley. This series follows the reality star, her boyfriend, Luke Broderick, and their friends as they learn how to adult after years roaming the busy streets of Los Angeles. 

During the first episode, viewers watched her speak with Luke about her desire to become a mother. Later, she battled against Jax Taylor after he questioned whether or not she was ready. 

“If I want men to tell me when or when I cannot be a mother, I would just go hang out with Trump,” she said before saying, “Jax, go suck a d*ck.” 

The first three episodes of The GOAT will premiere on May 9 on Prime Video. Catch new episodes of The Valley on Bravo, Tuesdays at 9/8c.