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Vanderpump Villa’s Marciano Brunette Says He’s ‘Better Version’ of Jax Taylor

Lisa Vanderpump has urged fans not to compare Vanderpump Rules with her new Hulu series, Vanderpump Villa. The new show is set in France, where Lisa creates a luxury, curated experience for her guests. The biggest difference is that Pump Rules focuses on a group of friends. While Vanderpump Villa centers around a group of staffers who live and work together. But server Hannah Fouch and lead server Marciano Brunette already knew each other. And Marciano’s behavior shares some similarities with the moves of Jax Taylor.

After all, Marciano and Hannah were a couple until he cheated on her. But viewers learned during the premiere that they hooked up before heading to France.

Of course, Marciano sounds a lot like Jax, who was one of the bad boys on VPR. Is Marciano arrogant? Check. Is he unable to be faithful? Check. Does he have a quick temper? Check. It is like someone cloned Jax. Recently, Lisa and Marciano shared their thoughts on this comparison. E! News has all the details.

Is Marciano Brunette the new Jax Taylor?

When asked if she thought there were similarities between the two men, Lisa said, “No, he’s different. He’s different to Jax. He’s definitely different.” She continued, “Yeah, he’s a bit of a naughty boy. But no, he’s definitely different to Jax. Thankfully.”

Marciano had a different viewpoint. “You know, honestly, I take it as a compliment. I’m not gonna say anything poorly about Jax, but I would like to think I’m a better version of Jax. I’m Jax 2.0, okay?” he said. “But I think, if there was a comparison to be made, I think that would be the closest comparison that’s for sure. And I…I’m okay with it,” Marciano stated. “I think it’s fairly fitting.”

I’m sure that viewers can expect fireworks between Hannah and Marciano this season. We’ve already seen them arguing and making up during the first three episodes of the season. It’s going to be a bumpy ride for this duo.

Vanderpump Villa streams on Mondays on Hulu. And Vanderpump Rules continues Tuesdays at 8/7c on Bravo.