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Something About Her: Ariana Madix and Katie Maloney Hire Tom Sandoval’s Ex-Assistant Ann Maddox

Ann Maddox has new plans on the horizon after Tom Sandoval, all thanks to Ariana Madix and Katie Maloney. And thank goodness, because nobody should have to be stuck working for Tom for too long.

No one can deny that Ann went through some difficulties this season. On the bright side, fans received her all too well. Amid the chaos inherent to Vanderpump Rules, Ann provided some much-needed levity and a grounded attitude.

For a long while, there were rumblings that Ann had become Ariana’s assistant somewhere down the line. Ariana denied this but teased that there were “developments” in the works. Now, we know Ann will be part of Something About Her, Katie, and Ariana’s upcoming sandwich shop.

Katie says Tom is no longer Ann’s “main priority”

As per Bravo, on the extended episode of VPR Season 11, Episode 10, Ariana revealed that Ann would be “help[ing] out with some sandwich shop stuff.” Katie explained, “Ann needs a job, and we need to hire someone,” adding, “She’s got to look out for herself. Tom Sandoval is not her main priority.”

In a confessional on the show, Ann was able to explain what happened between her and Tom. “In my panic and sweat, I knocked on Ariana’s door and I was like, ‘I think I’m getting fired,’” Ann recalled. “She was so nice. She took my shoulders and was like ‘You’re gonna be okay,’ and I was like, ‘Thank you!’ and then I went downstairs to the kitchen to sob.”

Tom maintained that he did not fire Ann. But regardless of what happened, she’s probably grateful for the new opportunity. Assuming Something About Her ever opens. If Ariana and Katie are to be taken at their word, even they can’t say for certain. Here’s hoping an opening date comes soon, if only for Ann’s sake.

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