Lala Kent and Scheana Shay
Photo by Amanda Edwards/Getty Images

Nick Viall Thinks Lala Kent, Scheana Shay Want To Be the ‘Main Character’

Nick Viall has been making his feelings about Lala Kent and Scheana Shay all too clear lately. Alongside many Vanderpump Rules fans, Nick has criticized the two for their behavior in Season 11 and in the present.

Recently, Nick got after both VPR stars for their “performative outrage” in the wake of Scandoval. He felt the two were overdoing it by screaming at Rachel Leviss after her affair with Tom Sandoval.

Now it would seem that Nick has targeted Scheana and Lala over perceived jealousy of Ariana Madix. He might have a point. Perhaps Lala and Scheana are so willing to help Tom with his redemption arc because they wish they had what Ariana has. Or, maybe they’re just different people at this stage in their lives.

Nick condemns Lala’s “war path” against Ariana

“Scheana and Lala,” Nick began. “I don’t agree with really anything they’re saying or doing this season.”

He continued, “You look at like, Lala right now, it’s kind of shocking how much she is coming at Ariana. Like, she’s going hard at the pain. She is on a war path. And I think what’s so hysterical about Lala and Scheana is like – what seems to upset them the most – is just how little Ariana tries.”

Nick went on to say that Lala was on her podcast, criticizing Ariana for a lack of storyline outside of Tom. He countered by saying, “The reason Vanderpump Nation or Bravo Nation have endeared themselves to Ariana is like, they saw themselves in her … especially for people who have been cheated on.”

He reiterated, “They love how little she tries,” adding, “She’s the main character because of what she’s going through.” Meanwhile, he criticized Lala, Scheana, and Tom for taking themselves too seriously, especially on Pump Rules.

“And the fact that Ariana is the main character,” Nick continued, “absolutely drives Lala and Scheana nuts because they both try so f*cking hard to be the main character.”

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