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Jax Taylor ‘Embarrassed’ After Pump Rules ‘Scripted’ Rant, Praises the Show

If there’s one thing that Jax Taylor will do, it’s rant and rage first, and then apologize later. We all saw this over on Vanderpump Rules. Every single year, he’d lie, cheat, and sometimes even steal his way through each season. Then, without fail, the reunions would arrive, and he’d apologize.

He’d also explain that he’s a changed man, as his costars’ eyes rolled all the way into the backs of their heads. Insert the SpongeBob time card here, revealing that “10 years later…Jax had not changed at all.” Now, he’s starring on The Valley, while still ranting about his former series. When called out, Jax just returned to his normally scheduled apology tour, claiming his embarrassment over his behavior(s).

But first, the “scripted” rant


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After this bar owner set his pub’s channels to Pump Rules, a patron filmed him, watching and ranting about the storylines that were airing. “Show me a scripted show and I’ll show you f*cking Vanderpump Rules. Scripted! Scripted! I’ve been on this show for nine f*cking years. This is scripted,” he raged. We got it, Jax.

No worries, after reflecting, he’s now a changed man

Over on his podcast that he still awkwardly hosts with his estranged wife Brittany Cartwright, Jax’s backtracking began. “My mouth gets me in trouble from time to time,” he began. In the background, Brittany says that she wasn’t around, wasn’t a part of this, and that Jax should have never done any of this. He then launched into his explanation about his rant.

“I just wanna touch on a little something that happened last week that a lot of you guys saw. I did a little something at my bar last week, which I regretfully went on a rant about how Vanderpump Rules is scripted. I’m sure many of you listening right now have saw the videos, and I’m incredibly embarrassed by that,” he explained.

To spread the blame around a little bit, Jax revealed that about” 10 minutes before” he arrived, he’d learned about something upsetting. Basically, Jax is mad at Scheana Shay and Lala Kent. Even still, he’s very sorry. He “shouldn’t have done that.” And also, he’s grateful to this series for the start that it gave him.

Also, he was definitely reading all of this from a piece of paper. Either his PR team wrote this, or Jax actually wants to sound contrite while making sure that he gets in all of his words. Either way, I’ll catch you all next time, on Jax’s never-ending rant and ruh-roh tour.

Vanderpump Rules airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on Bravo.