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Scheana Shay Gets Emotional Calling Out Jax Taylor for Questioning Her Parenting

Right now, the drama on Vanderpump Rules is only slightly less than the cast’s current off-air fights. Case in point, Jax Taylor, who isn’t even on this series anymore, keeps calling out his former costars. After learning about some unknown event involving Lala Kent and Scheana Shay, Jax threw VPR into the trash at his bar. Here, he told his patrons that his former show’s scripted, only to recant everything later, as he does.

While Lala doesn’t seem to mind, Scheana does. This is because Jax also ranted about Scheana’s parenting. This is a massive NO. Here’s Scheana’s response, and also, Jax, do better.

The double standards for parenting roles suck

In response to Jax’s rant, Scheana explained on her podcast that “Jax made a disgusting comment about me and was saying some untrue things about [Vanderpump Rules]. But what bothered me the most was… He was at his self-named bar, Jax’s, seemingly drunk, probably had a lot of ‘pasta’ that night to eat, and he said, had the audacity to say that I’m always out partying and leave my child to be raised by my mother.”

Through tears, Scheana then added that “it’s just so far from the truth and he should know this.” She then emotionally added that “Ninety-five percent of the time when I’m out, it usually is a work thing, and it’s also after I put my kid to bed, and it’s so frustrating because I’m like, ‘Yes, I do do a lot of stuff and I do go out often.’ But I can’t make plans before 9 p.m. and if that means I’m going to be tired the next day, I’m still going to wake up with my kid.’”

Scheana also pointed out the irony in Jax’s parenting dis. You see, he made this comment while drinking at his bar, without his three-year-old son. Be a good boy, old man.

Dear Jax. You know that if you are out promoting your series, while it might look like fun, it’s still work. Scheana’s out there doing this same thing. Let’s leave the archaic double standards on parenting in the trash, aight?

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