Vanderpump Rules Stars Who Embody Their Star Signs

Vanderpump Rules
Photo by: Gizelle Hernandez/Bravo

A lot is written in the stars, and this includes the cast of Vanderpump Rules. While they may live and thrive in a drama-filled world currently, many may benefit from a quieter lifestyle. But could their zodiac sign give fans a glimpse into their inner workings? Yes, of course, to our resident chart follower. Where is Ally Lewber and her astronomy readings when we need her?

Ally Lewber – Capricorn

Currently, Ally is embracing everything the stars have in store for her. Ally is the epitome of the goat sign and is currently showing how independent she can be. She often puts James Kennedy in his place and isn’t afraid to go after what she wants. She recently launched her own business as a spiritual astrologer. Ally is the cosmic confidant who believes the stars can give you what you want.

Ally is all about balance, so she calms down her boyfriend, James, a lot. She recently told Teen Vogue, “My favorite thing about our charts (besides the fact that we are both Libra moons) is that I have a stellium (three or more planets) in Aquarius, and he has a stellium in Capricorn. I am a Capricorn sun, and he is an Aquarius sun. I think that is why we truly get each other.” Seems like these two just belong together.  

Katie Maloney – Capricorn

Just like on Vanderpump Rules, Katie Maloney is over the drama in her personal life. Another fiercely independent Capricorn, she isn’t about to let anyone step in her way of success, not even the city of WeHo. Katie embraces her earth element and is also practical and realistic when it comes to making decisions. Capricorns are the most self-disciplined of the zodiac signs, meaning that, at times, they can be control freaks. As we’ve seen on Vanderpump Rules, Katie always needs to be in the driver’s seat. The woman takes no prisoners. 

Tom Schwartz – Libra

Tom Schwartz is an air sign, and sometimes that means he can blow around a lot of hot air. Most Libras are friendly and persuasive. I would argue Tom is both but to a fault. He wanted to make sure everyone liked him to the detriment of his marriage. Libras are known not to rock the boat and will go with the flow. As we know, Tom will avoid drama like the plague, but somehow, that usually causes more trouble for him. 

Lala Kent – Virgo

Virgos are known to be humble, practical, organized, and patient. I would argue that Lala Kent shows signs of not being humble or patient, but that’s my opinion. But Lala is very much a Virgo in other ways. She is extremely self-sufficient, as proven after becoming a single mother. She is ambitious and strong, almost to a fault. As Vanderpump Rules fans know, Lala is working on being softer because Virgos can get wrapped up in being perfect. 

James Kennedy – Aquarius

A true Aquarius, James is happiest when he is doing his own thing, like DJing. Aquarius are free spirits who are rather eccentric and cool. James is clearly both, even though he can ruffle a few feathers at times. James embraces his assertive side and refuses to be held down within a relationship, whether it be love or business. While an Aquarius can be blunt, sometimes it is one of their best traits. At least you know where you stand.

Tom Sandoval – Cancer

Tom Sandoval is the crab sign and possesses the protective and emotional traits to a T. The “singer” hates being backed into a corner and often lashes out when he feels personally attacked. Cancers are complex people who take pride in their work. Though I dare say the trait of being loyal passed over Tom like a bad clam. Born on July 7, 1983, Tom is governed by a Gemini moon, which makes him indecisive at best. The stars are a bit against him as he always struggles with self-satisfaction. This moon also craves freedom, so there could have been an astrological reason behind Scandoval, but Tom’s Cancer loyalty should have brought him back down to earth.