Is The Valley’s Jesse Lally a Good New Addition to Bravo’s Husbands?

Jesse Lally
Photo by: Casey Durkin/Bravo

Jesse Lally isn’t your typical Bravo husband. The newest member of The Valley is showing up and out in the last few episodes thanks to his passionate behavior. Jesse was brought into the group through Jax Taylor, as they both used to model in the Big Apple together. So it makes sense that Jesse has a few tendencies that mimic the OG Vanderpump Rules star.

Jesse is a real estate agent who was raised in Boston, MA, so he is very outspoken. However, fans are seeing his love of vocalizing getting him into a bit of trouble. Even though he is in the top 1% of the top 1% when it comes to luxury real estate, he isn’t thriving when it comes to his love life. Jesse and his wife, Michelle Lally, announced they were separating before the premiere. The announcement left fans wondering who the real Jesse is and whether he will be a good addition to the Bravo husbands.

Jesse is combative

There is no arguing that Jesse likes to be heard, but something he can come across as antagonistic. A great example of this is how he reacted at his Capri dinner. Naturally, he was still upset with Kristen Doute’s comments toward his wife, but instead of listening, he reacted. Jesse slammed his hands on the table, called Kristen a liar, and told her to “shut the f*uck up.” None of these traits makes him a great Bravo husband. In fact, he is channeling some of the worst husbands, like Joe Giudice

Nipple gate

Honestly, the whole nipple gate issue is a nonissue, in my opinion. As The Valley fans will recall, Kristen didn’t like being cut in line for her tattoo and purple-nurpled Jesse’s nipple. In retaliation, Jesse did it right back to her. Now, was that a smart move in today’s climate; no. But I would argue that close friends have and continue to do this to one another. I just don’t think the close friends I know would have done this on national TV.

Again, I think about what other Bravo husbands have done some pretty stupid stuff, and immediately, Rino Aprea from the Real Housewives of New Jersey springs to mind. I mean, there were rumors he slept with his wife’s mother; enough said. Apollo Nida is also another husband from the Real Housewives of Atlanta who often lets his flirting lead him down a path to trouble. Jesse, take note. Don’t be like these guys. Do better. 

Jesse wants love

In defense of Jesse, I think the man might be a bit misunderstood. He has already revealed that he and Michelle haven’t been intimate in ages. It is clear that the father of one feels neglected and unheard. While chatting with the Stroller Mafia at the county fair, Jesse shared how he and Michelle used to be so attracted to one another, but somewhere along the line, the love fizzled. This revelation is giving me Donn Gunvalson vibes all the way.

Donn and Vicki Gunvalson couldn’t get on the same page, and eventually, their love tank fizzled out. Donn was known for making a few out-of-character retorts that left his wife feeling unwanted, but in reality, it was his way of crying for help. Jesse has a big ego, and I imagine that his marriage troubles knocked him down a few pegs, leaving him to question where he went wrong. 

Toxic men

I didn’t want to watch The Valley for one main reason: Toxic f*ckboys. I do feel that there is a clear division of the sexes, and that just isn’t cool. It’s a tale as old as time when it comes to Bravo husbands. For some reason, many of the men want to prove their masculinity, but I don’t believe that is necessary in the case of Jesse. He is attractive, smart, and funny – to me. He just needs to tone down his angry outburst, and I think viewers will start to change their tune towards him. Come on, Jesse, make us like you!