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Jo Wenberg Discusses Tom Schwartz’s New Girlfriend and Says He’s Her ‘Other Half’ Despite Split

When I was just a little Amy, I had my heart set on marrying Fred Jones. You know, the blonde preppy guy from the Scooby-Doo cartoons. SHHHH, the heart wants it wants, and mine wanted that well-dressed, crime-fighting, hand-drawn man. Speaking on the things that are likely never going to be, Jo Wenberg’s heart still wants Tom Schwartz’s parts, even though he ended their “situationship” and moved on with Sophia Skoro.

In Jo’s mind, Tom’s her “other half,” and it’s only a matter of time before he realizes this as well. In my mind, I’d love to see all women realize their values. Let’s try waiting for the actual one who wants us and only us. For now, though, Jo’s still set on her Vanderpump Rules’ man, and from my standpoint, this will end exactly where Fred and I did; nowhere.

A “Cuppa Jo”

Jo just spilled her entire heart out in an Instagram Live. Thankfully, several bloggers screen-recorded and shared her session, otherwise, I would’ve missed it entirely. To start, Jo began answering questions, and when asked if she thinks that Tom led her on, she quipped “Yes, 100 percent.” Then, when asked if she thinks that she’s Tom’s “other half,” she replied, “Yes, I do.”

However, Jo quickly added, “I think it’s gonna take some time. In due time.” But then, Jo backtracked a bit just a tad farther down her Live road. Here, she clarified that she actually doesn’t “think we’re ever going to get back together. Maybe in the future. I’m not sure.”

I can’t keep up. Even still, Tom is now with Sophia. On this, Jo explains that she has “met Sophia and we did like a handshake. It was like ‘Hi nice to meet you.’ I mean yeah, she seems great. I think she was a fan of the show, that’s what I was told. But he seems happy so let’s go. That’s all I care about is Schwartz’s happiness.”

On other notes, Jo also revealed that at this point, she and Tom are not speaking. She’d also like for the fans to stop hating on Katie Maloney, Tom’s now ex-wife. “She was duped just like I was. So please everyone chill out. We do not need to keep hating Katie,” Jo stressed.

But also, Jo kinda flubbed this one too, since she then revealed that Tom “was really good at having sex. I don’t know why Katie didn’t like his dick.”

Ugh. Cool…cool. *Slams laptop shut.

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