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Tom Schwartz Won’t Talk Publicly About ‘Valid Reasons’ for Pulling away From Jo Wenberg

Some Vanderpump Rules fans are feeling sympathetic toward Jo Wenberg. She found herself in a “situationship” with Tom Schwartz. She clearly was in love with him, while he kept their relationship a secret from his friends. That is the worst.

Jo was angry when Schwartz, who told her that he wasn’t ready for a relationship, started dating the much younger Sophia Skoro. The best friends ceased communication. But now Schwartz is explaining why he ended their relationship.

Schwartz has his reasons, but he won’t reveal them

During his appearance on the podcast The Viall Files, Schwartz broke down his situation with Jo. “In 2022, and like early 2023, like we had some sort of magic brewing. Some lightning in a bottle. We had undeniable chemistry,” he stated. “I’m saying we did. And then…and then some things happened which I’m not talking about publicly but they’re very valid reasons as to why I pulled away and had to distance myself.” So, it sounds like he is blaming Jo for whatever happened.

The Pump Rules star continued, “But where I f*cked up, I…I should have just talked about it with her but it felt like…it would have had to be a confrontation if you knew what I was going to say. And I just didn’t have the energy to do it, I thought. So I guess I just sort of passively respectfully pulled away.” In other words, you silently broke up with her and didn’t tell her? Make it make sense, Schwartzy!

“I still think…by the way, I don’t want to tarnish…Jo’s a great human. I’m not going to tarnish her reputation. By the way the hair – the orange hair…” Schwartz commented.

“I also think that alone was reason enough to dump her,” host Nick Viall stated. “Don’t say that! That’s how I wanted it. I wanted it to be orange-ish.” When the hosts all asked why Schwartz would want orange hair, he replied, “I thought it looked cool.” Oof.

Then talk turned to the trip that Jo, Schwartz, Tom Sandoval, and Rachel Leviss took together. “Do you think Jo knew about Scandoval?” Nick asked. “Ummm…yes, but she…she..honestly, she was oblivious. She knew but she was oblivious. If that makes sense,” Schwartz said.

Another host asked if Jo believed that Sandoval and Ariana Madix were no longer dating. “She did. And, well, according to Tom, they were breaking up,” the VPR star said. “I’d like to leave on a high note with Jo. She’s a great human being. And I really, I really, really, really liked her,” Schwartz stated. “But, you know, it ran its course.”

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