Dorit Kemsley Is Likely Keeping Her RHOBH Diamond, Here’s Why

Dorit Kemsley
Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo via Getty Images

Bravo introduced Dorit Kemsley to the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills during Season 7. And with her came a funky accent and an English husband. Dorit seemed sweet enough, and eventually, viewers learned that she LOVED fashion. If she wasn’t wearing a designer as a full outfit, did she even get dressed that morning? The mother of two secured herself a spot in the Real Housewives franchise book when she went against Lisa Vanderpump

As Season 13 drew to a close, fans questioned whether Dorit deserved a diamond. The latest season of the California franchise was boring with a capital B. Dorit was put on blast for her “Karen” ways, and it seemed like the end of the road for her. But after a bombshell announcement this week, it looks like she will hold onto the precious gem for another season.

Was Dorit going to be demoted? 

Fan accounts reported that Dorit was given a major ultimatum regarding her return to the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Rumors circulated that Dorit was going to lose her position as a full-time housewife if she didn’t open up about her marriage issues- her real marriage issues. Season 13 showed Dorit and PK Kemsley seemingly doing okay. But the fashionista revealed all was not well, especially when she wasn’t given the diamond necklace on date night.

It was also rumored that Kyle Richards was given a similar ultimatum with her relationship with country singer Morgan Wade. With the recent cast shake-up and departure of Annemarie Wiley and Crystal Kung Minkoff, the gossip easily could have been true. 

Dorit and PK separate

This week, Dorit seemingly solidified her return as a full-time housewife to the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. PK and Dorit released a joint statement about their marriage needing a break. The post read, “We as a couple have been subject to a lot of speculation about our marriage. We have had our struggles over the last few years and continue to work through them as two people who love each other and share two amazing children together.” 

For years, the couple has denied any marital issues and even released a statement as late as October 2023. The post read, “We remain committed to working through these issues as a united couple for our family. We have not separated nor are we planning to do so. Rather, we are focused on healing, making changes, and doing the things that many couples have to do at some point in their marriage.”

Dorit and Kyle can bond 

Season 14 could be interesting if Dorit is given her diamond for the simple fact that we will have two RHOBH single stars who were previously married. It would be a mistake if Bravo cameras didn’t follow Dorit and Kyle on their single ladies’ journey. The two moms will undoubtedly open up to each other about their shared experiences. I also think that PK and Mauricio Umansky should be given confessional time to share their side. Again, this would make Season 14 more interesting than the last one.  

Boots on the ground

Dorit will most likely keep her diamond. As a fan, I would expect to be given a bird’ s-eye view of the marriage’s downfall. I would also assume that producers would have cued Dorit into the fact that she would need to be extremely vulnerable and share an updated truth about where she stands with PK. 

For a few seasons, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fans have questioned whether or not Dorit deserved to be on the franchise. She has often come across as a fence sitter and pot stirrer. But this breaking news gives her a leg up. Hopefully, the Beverly Beach owner can now barter for a bigger paycheck, especially if the network wants access to her sad story. But if she wants to keep the diamond for a longer period, she is going to have to commit to telling all of her dirty secrets.