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Jenn Fessler Admits She Believes Luis Ruelas Called Margaret Josephs’ Son

Season 14 of Real Housewives of New Jersey is already showing viewers shifting friendship dynamics. Margaret Josephs was besties with Jenn Fessler. During the Season 13 reunion, Margaret called out Luis Ruelas, Teresa Giudice’s new hubby, for investigating her. She accused Luis of calling her son, who has remained private and off RHONJ, and threatening him. Luis denied any knowledge of the call. After that, Margaret cut ties with Teresa and Luis.

But when Jenn decided to spend time with Teresa, it rubbed Margaret the wrong way. According to Margaret, “Jenn said, ‘I want nothing to do with her,’” referring to Teresa. So, Margaret was annoyed that Jenn hung out with Teresa. The friends had a major blow-up at Joe Gorga’s birthday party.

Jenn clarifies her position on Luis’ alleged phone call to Margaret’s son

“I think the first episode, maybe you saw me saying to Margaret, you know, ‘I told you that if you don’t want to be around these people again, neither will I…’ and what I meant by that was, if you’re not gonna go back and do the show again, then I’m not going to go back and do the show again,” Jenn told Entertainment Tonight. “I didn’t say I would never be around Louie, or talk to Louie and Teresa again.” That sounds like some serious backpedaling.

During that conversation with Teresa, Jenn asked about Teresa’s allegations that co-star John Fuda was an alleged drug dealer. “My intentions were to clarify some things, right? To talk to Teresa and make sure that it was out there that John Fuda is not a drug dealer, John Fuda is a fabulous father and a professional and responsible,” Jenn explained. “So, I was actually sort of happy with that part of our conversation, even though Rachel [Fuda] and John would have preferred that I didn’t speak of them at all.”

Jenn asked Teresa if Luis called Margaret’s son, and Teresa swore on the lives of her four precious daughters that he didn’t. “I probably didn’t communicate this well, because I think that I’ve given the impression that I don’t believe Margaret, which is not the case. I do believe, Margaret. …  The truth is, I do believe that Louie did call Margaret’s son,” Jenn said.

Even after all this drama, Margaret and Jenn’s friendship managed to survive. Jenn added that they have a “deep” bond.

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