VPR alum Faith Stowers accuses Lala Kent of cultural appropriation.
Photo Credit: Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic via Getty Images

Pump Rules Alum Faith Stowers Accuses Lala Kent of Cultural Appropriation

Faith Stowers has jumped on the growing wagon against Lala Kent. Unfortunately for Lala, Faith’s claims are even more serious than the typical Vanderpump Rules drama. Lala is known for saying questionable things, especially as of late. But among Faith’s accusations were claims of cultural appropriation in word and deed, and cheating.

Lala called out for using “the Black experience” as “a costume”

On May 25, Bravo commentator @byewighellodrama posted a clip of Paige’s podcast, The Frequency, on Instagram. During the clip, Faith said, “Lala can go on a platform and say, ‘I was channeling the spirit of Tupac. Tupac is my spirit animal and I just love him so much and I’m just so gang-gang.’”

Faith further slammed Lala, claiming she “knows nothing about hip-hop, knows nothing about the Black culture at all, but wears hoop earrings and does all this?” She further claimed that Lala said it “‘was fun to pretend to be like that.’ Like, the Black lifestyle – the Black experience – is a costume.”

PEOPLE reported on Lala’s Tupac comments back in 2018. While on Jenny McCarthy’s podcast, Lala said, “I am a firm believer that when Tupac died he took over my body. I know you’re laughing but I’m being for real.” Lala also mentioned her tattoo that read “thug life.” She further added she was “white as they come but I gets to clapping sometimes, pretend you know?”

Faith accuses Lala of fetishizing Black men and cheating on Randall

Faith’s cohost, Marcus Millions, asked if Lala had always been this way as long as she knew her. “Yes,” Faith confirmed without hesitation. Faith also reminded Marcus of a time the three of them were together and Lala allegedly said she was “Blacker than” Faith. Marcus confirmed that he remembered that instance.

Marcus further recalled a moment when Lala wanted him to do her hair, asking for cornrows and braids all the way down her back. Later, Lala allegedly tried to “downplay [Faith’s] blackness” in front of a Black man that Faith was seeing at the time. Lala then supposedly said, “‘Damn Faith, I’m more Black than you.’”

He further accused Lala of acting like a white woman cosplaying a Black woman any time a Black man was around. Faith continued that train of thought, saying Lala had never very much been into white men. She accused Lala of cheating on Randall Emmett with a Black football player.

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