Why Jax Taylor Doesn’t Want To Look like the Bad Guy

Jax Taylor doesn't want to be the bad guy.
Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo via Getty Images

For over ten years, Jax Taylor has been a staple villain on Bravo. He first dug his hoof prints into the sand while on Vanderpump Rules. It was there he showed how easy it was for him to manipulate, steal, cheat, and lie like it was nothing. Don’t take my word for it, as there is video footage. For the most part, the rest of the cast just took a “boys will be boys approach.” And shrugged Jax’s antics off. But more often than not, his behavior was disturbing. Perhaps the worst part about Jax in the earlier years was that he would lie about stuff he knew the cameras caught. So either way, the truth was coming out one way or the other. 

Jax’s past behavior


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Now, before we dive into why Jax never wants to actually look like the bad guy, we have to look at his past behavior. Who could forget the time that he wanted Brittany Cartwright to have a breast augmentation? And basically, shamed her into going under the knife? Jax made comments like, “If I’m going to help finance this, I want them how I want them” and “ Natural teardrops. Naturalness.” All of their VPR friends at the time acted like the comments were just mildly offensive but we all knew it was icky. Jax’s ability to do what he did on camera which was lie until the end and give the vibe that “Oh, Jax is just a dumb jerk,” was pretty scary. 

Jax wants to be single?

After watching the entire season of The Valley (twice), it has become pretty obvious that Jax wants to get divorced but doesn’t want to be seen as the villain. In return, he chooses to not get along with his wife. As I watched Jax act out, it became apparent that he was trying to use tactics such as trying to convince the rest of the cast that Kentucky Muffin had a drinking problem. He thought this would make him look like the innocent party. But the Bravo cameras have caught both sides of the story. Fans have watched Brittany become physically ill over the demise of her marriage. Which is a far cry from her husband’s accusations of acting wasted on tequila shots. 

The combination of Brittany drinking and hiding her true feelings is manifesting an actual illness. Fans can see Brittany isn’t sick. She is just sick of Jax. During a recent episode, Brittany told the cameras, “He does this to me all the time. He always puts me down. I feel like Jax is sucking the life out of me. He is sucking away all my sparkle. How much more of this can I possibly take?” 

Brittany admitted, “I am starting to realize all the little things I have put up with for nine years of my life. I definitely believe in love, but what if love isn’t enough?”

Jax doesn’t know how to love?

The Florida native has also tried to shut down Brittany’s emotions. While on a date night, she started to cry. And in a move from a League of Their Own, Jax told her that there basically wasn’t any crying at the Mondrian. I can’t help but feel that he kind of hates Brittany because he is so mean to her. While fans see Jax as having zero sympathy for her getting sick, he sees it as keeping his cool. Which to Jax, I believe, translates to acting like an adult. But all he is doing is shutting down any line of direct communication. Now, Brittany isn’t exactly an angel herself, but at this point, I just feel bad going through this intense rollercoaster. 

However, Scheana Shay gave an update on her podcast. The 39-year-old shared, “I know just from talking to Brittany, she says that she has not thrown up once since they separated, whether drinking or not. I think it was stress-induced when she broke out in hives like her body was having a physical reaction.” I mean, my body would freak out, too, if Jax told me, “Maybe I do need to call her out in front of other people because then she will get a wake-up call.” Even though Jax is trying his best not to look like the bad guy, he is currently in first place for the least-liked guy in the group.