Katie Maloney hit back at Lala Kent after she seemed to shade Something About Her once the sandwich shop opened.
Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo via Getty Images

Katie Maloney Reacts to Lala Kent’s Something About Her Comments

Something about shade. Lala Kent spent an entire season of Vanderpump Rules in a tense standoff with besties Ariana Madix and Katie Maloney.

That tension spilled over off-screen over the last few months during interviews and on social media. So it was no secret that Lala was not getting along with the sandwich shop owners.

Speaking of sandwich shops, Lala got in what appears to be a little extra dig at Katie and Ariana when it comes to their newly-opened business. Read on for details.

Lala hasn’t been to Something About Her

On a recent Amazon Live, Lala commented about the shop saying, “Oh my gosh, it’s open?” I love that for them.” 

Is that shade? It depends on who you ask. But given just how long it took for Something About Her to open, it kind of sounds like it. On top of that, Lala is going out of her way to let us know that she doesn’t bother with Ariana and Katie. So you be the judge!

But Lala was quick to add that she doesn’t “really leave [her] house,” nor does she go to West Hollywood where Something About Her is located “that much.”

Regardless of what we think about it, Katie seemed to be nonplussed. When a Bravo fan account posted the clip of Lala, Katie couldn’t help but comment. “I mean.. Jess for sure watched my [Instagram] stories so she knew,” Katie wrote in the comments.

“Guess they don’t talk that much,” Katie concluded about Lala’s friend and employee.

The feud continues

This certainly isn’t the first time the VPR castmates have beefed thanks to Lala’s comments on social media.

Back in April, Lala’s comments about Katie drew ire from Katie’s mom, Teri. After Lala insinuated that Katie was “miserable,” and jokingly added an apology to Katie’s mom for what she was saying, Teri shot back.

“Well, I was very surprised and shocked to, not really see what she said about Katie, but to see that I was included in that comment. Because it was like she knew she was going to say something very, very hurtful [and] extremely out of line, in my opinion, to the point where, not only was it going to hurt Katie, but it was going to hurt me as well,” Teri shared.

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