Teresa Giudice and John Fuda get into explosive argument.
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Teresa Giudice and John Fuda Get into Explosive Argument

It seems like everyone is feuding on Real Housewives of New Jersey. During the Season 13 reunion, newbie Rachel Fuda’s hubby, John Fuda, called out Luis Ruelas. And not for wearing Nonno’s pajamas. Instead, John accused Luis and his wife, Teresa Giudice, of having him investigated.

After Luis and Teresa denied John’s allegations, he refused to make nice and shake hands with Luis. John told Luis they could shake on it if he admitted that he had him investigated. But Luis refused. So, the drama carried over to Season 14 of RHONJ, when Teresa called John the “biggest drug dealer in Bergen County.” Then intermediary Paul Connell suggested that the two couples meet to talk things out. And the meeting went left from the jump.

Teresa Giudice’s drama with John Fuda ignites

John clarified that as a “juvenile” he “sold marijuana.” Before the meeting, both John and Teresa hoped to hear an apology. “I really wish that he would say sorry to you for putting a false narrative out there because his ex came forward and said she never spoke to you,” Teresa told Luis.

Meanwhile, Rachel told John, “She had said to me at the lunch, like ‘I didn’t say he is a drug dealer, I said he was’ and I’m trying to explain to her like the verb doesn’t matter. It’s more about the intention behind saying something like that.” She added, “She was weaponizing it.” John wasn’t feeling optimistic about the meeting, stating, “It’s either going to go great or it’s going to go really far to the left.”

So, what happened at this meeting? Teresa did offer an apology. Kind of. “If you heard that I called you a drug dealer currently, I’m sorry you heard that,” Teresa said. She claimed that the news about John’s past was already out in the media. Then, Teresa wanted John to apologize to Luis.

But John insisted that Luis reached out to his ex to get the details about his past. “You don’t know what you got into by bringing that up. When you guys hashed this all up, my son has to go through this,” John explained. He also shot down Teresa’s apology for not being “authentic.” 

John and Rachel stood up to leave, and that is when the sh*t hit the fan. “Just remember you’re the poster child for mortgage fraud,” John said with a jaunty wave.

“Yeah, yeah, oh f*ck you. You’re f*cking with the wrong girl,” Teresa exclaimed. “Let me tell you.” But John wasn’t intimidated. “Oh yeah, I am, baby. Let’s do it. I love a good fight,” he responded. “You have a lot coming to you. Drug dealer!” Teresa shouted. Did Luis take a vow of silence? Just wondering. He was unusually quiet.

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