Carole Radziwill wants an apology from Andy Cohen.
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Carole Radziwill Confirms She Gave Anonymous Quote, Wants Apology From ‘Absurd’ Andy Cohen

Real Housewives of New York alum Carole Radziwill once said she probably only had “five good summers left.” Unfortunately, this one seems to be having an exasperating start as she and Andy Cohen are engaged in a bit of drama.

The two have slung petty swipes back and forth ever since Carole left RHONY back in 2018. In their latest tiff that began earlier this week, Andy called out Carole as being the “anonymous” Housewife who made a rude comment about him in an article.

Carole shot back at the accusation on X but didn’t own up to making the comment. However, she later took the rap while piggybacking off of a fan’s remark. She also had a couple more pointed words for Andy.

Carole says Andy has “lost his mind”

On the Monday episode of SiriusXM’s Radio Andy, Andy identified Carole as the anonymous source who made an unflattering comment about him in a New York magazine article. He found it bizarre that she chose to remain anonymous since she’d said other “unkind” things about him on the record before.

The next day, Carole caught wind of his call-out and responded on X without admitting it was her. She called him a “short-ish dude” who’s “vindictive” and questioned why anyone would want to use their name.

A few hours later though, she copped to making the comment in a quote reply to a fan. She also seems to believe that Andy’s many lawsuits have sent him spiraling.

She explained, “I didn’t want to put my name in an article in which I had no idea of the context. I told the writer they’re all vindictive & then Andy proves it by outing me. He’s lost his mind likely from all the legal trouble. Hope he gets help he needs.”

Carole: Andy should apologize, but probably won’t

In a separate reply quote, Carole decried Andy’s “bully tactic” of outing her. She wants an apology, but guesses that the chances of getting one are slim.

“It’s just classic bully tactic. Imagine outing a woman for whatever reason chooses to remain anonymous. He’s absurd & should apologize immediately. But I’m not holding my breathe [sic],” she wrote.

Carole: Andy’s behavior is “nasty;” “he sucks”

Carole continued on the defensive today, again replying to another fan. She didn’t mince any words and listed all of the negative qualities she sees in Andy. She wrapped it all up by declaring that “he sucks.”

“…Andy was obnoxious condescending & passive aggressive but those all were 2 many characters + to out a person who chose to remain private so as not to be harassed is nasty. He sucks. There,” she sniped.

Whew. The chances of Carole and her ex-best friend Bethenny Frankel ever burying the hatchet are slim to none. Yet, it looks like they do agree on one thing: Andy Cohen is the enemy.

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