Lala Kent questions Ariana Madix's post-Scandoval trauma.
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Lala Kent Continues To Question Ariana Madix’s Post-Scandoval Trauma

Lala Kent might be public enemy number one to Vanderpump Rules fans thanks to her ongoing feud with Ariana Madix. But despite her increasing unpopularity, she does not know when to quit.

Lala fell out of favor with fans in VPR Season 11 for flip-flopping on her stance with Tom Sandoval. At the Season 10 reunion, Lala made it clear that Sandoval was no friend of hers. Until just a few months thereafter when he was again.

In Lala’s attempts to justify the flip, she questioned Ariana’s new relationship with Daniel Wai. She argued that Ariana moved on far too fast from Tom, especially if she was as traumatized as she claimed. Now, Lala’s doubling down.

Lala maintains that she’s not jealous of Ariana

Lala recently appeared on the June 10 episode of Two Ts In A Pod. During her time on, she again questioned Ariana’s ability to move on so quickly after Scandoval. “When this happened on March 1, and then I believe she had a wedding by March 10 and had already met a new guy,” Lala said, referring to Daniel.

She continued, “You started dating someone, you stayed in the house, you came back to this show. I’m like, ‘I understand the pain you’re going through, but if I’m relating to it, and then I’m seeing how you could move on from something so traumatic, I just don’t see how you could be that devastated.’”

The soon-to-be mother of two also reemphasized that she wasn’t jealous of Ariana. “I have constantly tried to be very supportive. Not tried, I wanted to be supportive. These are my friends. When Ariana started getting opportunities outside of Vanderpump Rules, that’s great for all of us.” She continued, “The show reached a level that it never would have reached without this.”

“And even though it was horrible, I was not mad at the opportunity she was getting outside of the show.” Lala further explained, “What I started getting upset about is now we’re bringing a little bit of divaness to my place of work that I’ve been doing for eight years. And I have a hard time when people think that they are bigger than the show.”

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