"Mystery woman" accuses Jax Taylor of cheating on Brittany Cartwright.
Photo Credit: Andrew Chin/Getty Images

Report: Mystery Woman Claims Jax Taylor Cheated With Her

Viewers saw the beginnings of Jax Taylor and his estranged wife Brittany Cartwright’s February separation on the recent season finale of their Vanderpump Rules spinoff, The Valley.

Jax’s infidelious buffoonery had been well-documented on VPR for close to a decade until his run on the show ended. So, unfortunately, it isn’t a huge surprise that a woman recently came forward with receipts alleging that Jax cheated with her during the early stages of his and Brittany’s separation. Also unshockingly, some of Jax’s (alleged) texts are icky.

An unnamed woman provided evidence that she slept with Jax

A few weeks ago, Jax made a post urging people to ask Brittany who she’d been sleeping with. He later insinuated in a different post that it was him she was sleeping with. However, it looks like she wasn’t the only one.

An account, @stephwithdadeets, posted a video on TikTok and Instagram laying out all of the evidence. A mystery woman (apparently, not Paige Woolen) says she reached out to the account after Jax’s post about Brittany.

She wanted to provide proof that Jax was actually sleeping with someone else: her.

“So I’m a little hesitant to [write] this [because] I’m not sure if I want to out myself on this but I have [a lot] of info of Jax being with other girls during April and have receipts and everything.”

“Most of my receipts would probably give myself away. So give me just a minute to come to terms with the fact that I’m probably gonna out myself here, but basically from what I know, Jax liked something on [Instagram] about winning her back like on the day of his son’s birthday or something right? [Because]… I was in that man’s bed the night before that birthday party. I have a picture of myself in his bed and I have texts of us talking about it.“

She then shared their texts. One from her read, “I’m [eight] whole minutes away…Leaving now …Here.”

Someone saved as “Jax” replied, “Come through the gate,” and included his gate code.

The next morning, April 12, she received a text asking, “Is this too soon?”

Then things got gross. One text from “Jax” read, “I smell of you all over me.”

Another said, “All I can think about is eating your ass.” He elaborated, “It just tastes so good…and those toes.” And with that, enjoy your breakfast/lunch/dinner!

He also asked her to come back sometime. Then, a smoking gun: he sent a selfie of him at a wedding.

The end of the clip included a photo the woman said she took in Jax’s bed. @Stephwithdadeets shared pics of Jax and Britt’s bedroom for comparison. It was a match.

Brittany and Jax recently decided to date other people, but this tryst seems to have taken place before that. Sadly, people are still out here getting Jaxxed left and right. Allegedly.

Season 1 of The Valley streams on Peacock. Season 2 is slated to begin filming this summer.