Why RHONJ’s Jennifer Aydin Might Be Hard To Be Friends With

Why RHONJ star Jennifer Aydin might be a troublesome friend.
Photo Credit: Bryan Steffy/Bravo via Getty Images

In 2018 Bravo welcomed a new face to the Real Housewives of New Jersey. As Season 9 premiered, Jennifer Aydin embraced her new title as a Garden State housewife. But only some were happy with the choice of fresh meat. Many fans found Jen to be insufferable. Even though Jen seems to be a really great wife and mother, she lacks in the friendship arena. As the saying goes, the people you spend the most time with will shape who you are. Right now, Jen has some pretty shady people around her. 

Jennifer isn’t known for her remarkable comebacks because she is better at hitting below the belt. The side chick of Teresa Giudice’s logic usually doesn’t add up for me, and I can’t help but wonder how some of the cast remains friends with Jen because it must be pretty tricky. 

Jennifer vs Melissa

Fans have seen firsthand how hard it might be to befriend Jen via Melissa Gorga. The two have been feuding for seasons. The bad blood goes back to Season 13 when Jen helped spread a rumor about Melissa cheating on her husband. Naturally, the other women are cautious about befriending Jen and her big mouth. Melissa was no fool and learned how to deal with people like Jen, thanks to her nonrelationship with Tre. In her confessional, Missy G summed up her thoughts pretty accurately, noting, “That was a very strategic, set-up, calculated thing. She tried to hurt me.” 

But that is historically what Jen does. She tried to hurt anyone who might stand in her way or placement on the series, with the long-standing exception being Tre, whom she idolizes. The women have learned to distance themselves from Jen, who has started to notice that she has been snubbed. But I guess that is what happens when you don’t know how to be a good friend. 

Jennifer is entitled 


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Seeing Jennifer pick on Danielle Cabral’s charity event wasn’t nice. Even if the Staten Island native got a bit too bougie with the guest list, she still tried to do an honorable thing. But Jen wasn’t having it as she laid into her former ally. During a conversation, Jen noted that she “didn’t like that kind of talk” as she told Danielle she was acting entitled. However, I think many fans would agree that it is usually Jen who comes across that way. Jen dared to tell the Bougie Kids founder, “Being a true success in life, you shouldn’t have to push people out of the way to get there.” 

Danielle had the higher ground as she explained that the hairdresser in question blew her hair out once. The newbie also noted that the VIP section was set up as a safety haven. Jen then seemed to talk about both sides of her mouth as she complained about the Uber that had picked her up, which Danielle had paid for. For a split second, Jen became petty as she listed off all her good deeds. So again, I imagine Danielle saw her former friend’s true colors. 

Jen lashes out

What makes it so hard to be friends with Jen is how she reacts. A prime example is her outburst during the most recent BravoCon. During a panel, an overzealous fan dissed the star. Jen didn’t like that and responded by misgendering the fan and body-shaming them. Jen went as far as to call the fan a “whale.” The fact that Jen can just fly off the handle isn’t a good look for anyone who chooses to be friends with her because they can’t support that type of bad behavior. Jen has also come for more than a few of her costars.

She has called Jackie Goldschneider cheap for throwing a pretty standard kids’ birthday party, complete with pizza. Jen’s new money attitude never seems to forget to remind people she has wealth. While Jackie, who is old money, keeps her finances a bit more on the down low. Overall, Jen comes across as a bit thirsty and will willingly do almost anything for the limelight. I couldn’t be friends with someone like that. It would be too exhausting.