Rachel Fuda "proud" of Danielle Cabral.
Photo Credit: Jordan Strauss/Bravo via Getty Images

Rachel Fuda ‘Proud’ of Danielle Cabral After RHONJ Fight Gets Physical

Rachel Fuda is definitively on Danielle Cabral’s side when it comes to the Jennifer Aydin vs. Danielle dust-up.

After a rocky start, Rachel and Danielle have grown closer and formed a friendship, even though Danielle is also friends with Teresa Giudice – Rachel’s sworn enemy.

Danielle and Jennifer closed out Sunday’s episode of Real Housewives of New Jersey with an argument that turned physical at Teresa’s Tulum-themed party. Since airing, viewers and Rachel alike have quickly chosen sides in the shocking fight. Rachel recently expressed her support for Danielle on social media.

Rachel on Danielle: ” I think she carried herself great”

The fight began when Jen criticized the way Danielle handled the money made from a charity event. Jen then accused Danielle of mistreating her hairstylist. Screaming and “you’re a piece of sh*ts” were thrown back and forth, and then Jen shoved Danielle by the shoulders. In response, Danielle smashed her plastic drink cup into the side of Jen’s face.

In a June 24 Instagram Story, Rachel gave her take on the physical altercation between Danielle and Jen that aired the night before. Instagram account, @bravobravobravobri captured and reposted Rachel’s clip.

In her Story, Rachel expressed her admiration for Danielle’s handling of the fight.

“I’m really proud of Danielle,” said Rachel. “I think she carried herself really well. Her response was, I feel like, the most natural reaction. I think we all would have done the exact same thing, if not worse. You get what you give. In my opinion.”

This wasn’t the first time Rachel gave her opinion on the feud. During Sunday’s episode of Watch What Happens Live, she accused Jen of concocting the argument before cameras even picked up for the season.

This whole ordeal begs the question: will poor Bill Aydin ever be able to enjoy a RHONJ party?

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